This writer doesn’t give a happy monkey f*** about Benghazi, Monica, Emails or the Clenis. He just knows the Teapublicans would completely f*** us all sideways, with a rusty file and a sandy lubricant. So he’ll vote for anybody who can beat any “Republican”.

Since the 1970’s, the GOP has gone farther to the right than Attila the f***ing Hun (and has probably killed more people than he did, to boot). The party of yesteryear has become a criminal enterprise bent on wealth acquisition and power accretion, and adopts the policies that serve those two purposes. They are a load of bipedal toxic waste sources, spewing destructive filth wherever they go.

So if we gotta have Hillary, that’s OK. She at least will not want to starve the poor, invade the rest of the planet, monitor our genitalia, give all of  our tax money to the 1%, take away our health care,  have gays shot, or all of the other things “Republicans” DO want to do. Bonus: she’d nominate jurists who would be far less bats***crazy than what we’d get from a Teabagger Prexy.

You may detect herein a lack of enthusiasm. You’d be correct. This writer wasn’t and isn’t smitten with Obama, and he wasn’t all that crazy about Bubba either. Decent people doing a decent job overall, in both cases, and that’s about it. Good enough.

You know what? “Good enough” is wayyyyyy better than the alternative. “Good enough” is better than anything we’d get from Rubio, Cruz, FHuckabee, Paul, Trump, or any of the other crooks we’d get from the Elephants.

Good enough is good enough. If HRC gets on the ballot, your humble correspondent will vote for her. Because any other vote is a vote for the painful reaming mentioned in the first paragraph.

And f*** THAT.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky