Once again, in spite of evidence to the contrary, “Republicans” are pushing a Voodoo Economics budget that steals from the 99% and gives to the 1%. This is Teapub Econ 101: steal, steal, steal. Then steal some more.

And it’s not just a government budget matter. No, Gentle Reader, Teapubbies have deregulated industry upon industry so that their bribing buddies can also steal with impunity. All across the economy.

So let us cast a jaundiced orb upon Spotify as our example DU jour: by dint of paying less than a pittance for the music they resell, they pocket almost all the proceeds. Indeed, Spotify by itself is worth more than the rest of the American recording industry put together.

And they do it the GOP way: f*** the actual provider with an elephant d*** while a bunch of sleazebag crooks pocket most of the proceeds.

Just like Wal-Mart. Just like Mickey-f***ing Dees. Just like many businesses in America and around the world. Like other idiotic greedhead f***wits throughout history.

We NEED laws. We NEED regulations. We NEED a government that truly represents our interests, because without that, we are at the mercy of the predatorial classes.

Vote. Vote against every Teapubbie. Push for candidates that will guard our interests. Else you will keep getting robbed.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

(Yes, the TPP sucks. More on that another day.)