Yesterday’s potentially historic hearing on Marriage Equality seemed to focus on almost everything BUT the law. Lots of yakkity yakyakyak about “millennia”, “dignity”, and “culture”, and only a few mentions of the legal ramifications of the matter. So this writer will step in and remind everyone of what the court ignored:

Number A: The current law robs gay people blind at tax time. Remember Edie Windsor, who was jacked out of $363,000.00 dollars by the IRS, because she is a lesbian? And she is not alone: manifold state and federal laws permit and enforce these “gay taxes”. Anybody who is gay gets ripped off by the government at tax time and it’s legal in most cases. The Supremes need to either allow LGBTQ Americans to pay no taxes, or to pay the same taxes as hetero citizens. Law.

Letter 2: LGBT citizens often have no right to visit their loved ones in the hospital. Because they can’t be married, they have no legal relationship, and they can (and are) denied entrance to medical facilities when their family members are in need. The Supremes need to ensure that the law treats all of us equally. Law.

Thirdly: There are many hundreds of discriminatory laws across the nation that cover schools, property, health, civil rights, inheritance, and on and on. And on. They treat gays like second-class citizens, or worse. Anybody who DOESN’T see the constitutional violations has their head in a very dark and smelly place. Laws.

Yeah, we need to think about culture and honor traditions. Absolutely. But is that where the Supreme Court should FOCUS their efforts? Absolutely not. Courts need to do their own f***ing jobs, which is, you know, LAW.

Our government as a whole is spending too much time dicking around in the private lives of its citizenry, and not nearly enough taking care of their legally mandated responsibilities.

Law. LAW, God-f***Ing-dammit.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky