The kids are still alright, Gentle Reader. From Mr. B & C’s FB feed today, a couple of kids he knows are striking a blow for equality. Inspiring. #FeministFriday needs to be spread far and wide!

This week, a NCS teacher degraded and and humiliated a male student at Liberty Middle school. The child was wearing a scarf, and his male teacher told him to take it off because, “boys don’t wear scarves.” 

Just today, when the student once again wore a scarf, the teacher ripped it off the boy’s neck and said, “Don’t wear scarves, you look homosexual.” This is bullying and harassment, and it’s worse because it’s being done by someone in a position of power. 

My little sister xxxxx xcccc and xxxxx xxxxx’s little brother xxxxxcc have teamed up and created ‪#‎FeministFriday‬. To support this kid and his choice of neckwear, they’ve set aside this Friday to have all boys wear scarves and all girls wear ties to show that awful teacher that he can’t impose gender roles on children. 

Spread the word, or participate in yourself. Teachers have no right to harass or bully students. Clothing choice does not determine sexuality, and someone’s sexuality is not an insult. I’m so proud of my sister and xxxx for starting this. I hope that teacher gets fired for his actions.

Seeing Middle School activism gives one hope. Now the adults need to catch up with the kids. This writer will be wearing a scarf next Friday in solidarity, and urges you to wear a tie/scarf as appropriate.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

(P.S. The names of the kids have been removed from this post to protect them from stupid f***ing Keyboard Commandos that hate equality. Anybody who trolls these awesome youths will be reported to the authorities. Just sayin’.)