…will gladly let that same government control women’s uteri.

The same people who think that the Eeeeevil Gummint will invade Texas think it’s OK to force women to carry stillborn babies to full term.

The same Teabaggers who don’t want the government tapping their phones are OK having a bureaucrat looking over their OB/GYN’s shoulder.

It seems that women’s reproductive bits are one of the only areas where Teavangelicals and “Republicans” favor Big Government. (The other is, of course, gay male sex.)

So why is it that the same women who were considered trustworthy enough to bear these right wingnuts back in the day are now suddenly, somehow, no longer able to think for themselves?

Maybe it’s because Boehner, FHuckabee and all the rest of the He-Man Woman-Hater’s Tea Party Club secretly realize that they themselves are strong arguments for retroactive birth control?

Naaaah. They’re probably just sexually frustrated, needle-dicked, cranially-challenged f***wits.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky