Look at their schools. The same system that teaches twaddle like “abstinence” and “creationism” has long taught racism. One odious bit of proof, for all you dumbf*** deniers out there – “Know Alabama”, the elementary history text from the 50’s to the 70’s. Here are a few choice bits:

“The Southerners had a right under the law to own slaves, and the Southern states had a right under the law to leave the United States. Many Southerners did not want to leave the Union. But when Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, the South felt that they had to leave the Union to keep their rights.”

“The loyal white men of Alabama saw they could not depend on the laws or the state government to protect their families. They knew they had to do something to bring back law and order, to get the government back in the hands of honest men who knew how to run it.

 “They (the Klan) held their courts in the dark forests at night; they passed sentence on the criminals and they carried out the sentence. Sometimes the sentence would be to leave the state.

“After a while the Klan struck fear in the hearts of the “carpetbaggers” and other lawless men who had taken control of the state…. The Negroes who had been fooled by the false promises of the “carpetbaggers” decided to get themselves jobs and settle down to make an honest living.

“Many of the Negroes in the South remained loyal to the white Southerners. Even though they had lately been freed from slavery, even though they had no education, they knew who their friends were.”

Gentle Reader, remember this post about the Georgia University museum exhibit? Here is the crucial bit:

Once upon a time in the Oughts, your humble correspondent had a girlfriend from a foreign country, and she traveled to America to visit, meet the family, see the sights, and so on. She really wanted to see the South, and so we spent some time there. During that sojourn, we stopped at one of Georgia’s state universities to look at dinosaur bones, and wandered into a historical exhibit about the “War of Northern Aggression” (indeed, it was thus labeled) and how bad it was for the formerly-contented slaves. This in an accredited, state-chartered university.

So we can’t say “they quit using that textbook years ago”, and think that things have gotten better. They haven’t. The rich and powerful Southerners are STILL fighting the Civil War. In the halls of power, in the dark of night, and in the classroom. 24/7/365.

Not all Southerners are racists. Thank God for that, and for them. Amazing that anyone can come through that racist indoctrination and come out with a full set of brains and morals. Kudos to all of them (including you, if that shoe fits).

And to all the racists, in and out of the South: F*** the lot of you. F*** you sideways, with a sandy lubricant and a burning cross. And, most especially, f*** the schools and bigoted adults who created you. May they burn forever in Hell, hanging from nooses over brimstone blazes.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky