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Probably a low number, if so.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Apparently so: in Kansas, the “Republican” government limited ATM withdrawals by the poor to $25.00 a day. All those reading this blog are doubtless rolling their eyes, facepalming, or otherwise exhibiting disbelief, coupled with disdain and disgust. Because we all know what these dumber-than-a-sack-of-hammers Teapublicans evidently don’t: most ATMs don’t dispense fivers.

The legislature placed a daily cap of $25 on cash withdrawals beginning July 1, which will force beneficiaries to make more frequent trips to the ATM to withdraw money from the debit cards used to pay public assistance benefits.

Since most banking machines are stocked only with $20 bills, the $25 limit is effectively a $20 limit. 

Since there’s a fee for every withdrawal, the limit means that some families will get substantially less money. A single mother with two children seeking to withdraw just $200 in cash could incur $30 or more in fees, which is a big chunk of the roughly $400 such a family would receive under the program in Kansas.

Or maybe they’re neither too dumb nor too rich. Maybe these Teavangelicals KNOW how badly this will hurt the poor. Maybe the GOP wrote the legislation to inflict pain and suffering on their own constituents. Teapubbies could be a load of inhumane motherf***ers who get off on mass sadism.

Whatever the reason, f*** the lot of them with a rusty file.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Hillary Clinton has finally come out and said something completely obvious and true: she said that her vote to give Gee Dubya authority to invade Iraq was a mistake. And that the Iraq war itself was a mistake. Good on her for stepping up when all of the “Republican” Presidential candidates lacked the intestinal fortitude to acknowledge the facts.

Given that each and every reason for Operation Iraqi Liberation (or OIL, for short) turned out be incorrect at best or a farrago of lies at worst, most people on planet Earth already knew that OIL was a huge f***-up, caused by a motley assortment of deluded fools, greedy crooks, and sociopaths (some of them, like Dickless Cheney, were all of the above). And that the lot of them were “led” by a cowardly, coke-headed, draft-dodging, illegitimate occupant of the White House who was driven primarily by his daddy issues. So it’s not surprising that Ms. Clinton is aware of these facts.

What IS surpising is that her statement is, well, surprising. It is notable. It is seen as a brave, bold move. And that, Gentle Reader, is a very sad thing indeed. A politician stating something obvious, fact-based, and backed by all the available evidence? This has become an unusual event.

Meanwhile, the Teapubbies are unwilling, unable, or just too s***-scared to do likewise. They can’t, or they won’t, tell the truth. It took Jebbie Bush a week to kinda-sorta-maybe-mostly admit that his Eedjit-In-Chief brother f***ed up, ferchrissakes. That got a little press, but not much, because it is what we’ve become used to these days. Cowardly politicos, unwilling to fess up to even the most basic facts for fear of losing votes. Normal American politics.

This is how far America’s “leaders’ have fallen – stating the obvious is too risky for them. Kudos to Hillary Clinton for being an exception to the rule. Maybe she’s not as gutsy as often as, say, Bernie Sanders, but it’s a step in the right direction. And it’s another indicator of which party sucks worse, and which party needs flung out of power on its elephantine ear.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

For all of Little Johnny Boehner’s lying and denying, lack of funding DID in fact help cause the Amtrak crash, and it IS the fault of our “Republican” congress that those funds were cut. YOU CAN’T BUILD ANYTHING WITHOUT TOOLS AND MATERIALS, AND YOU NEED MONEY TO GET TOOLS AND MATERIALS.

Duh. Really, man, f***ing DUH. Hey, John-Boy: companies won’t give you stuff for free just because they love your tan, man.

And why does there appear to be no money to fund Amtrak (and myriad other critical infrastructure projects around the US)? Because “Republicans” robbed the Peter that is Transportation funds to pay the Pauls who are Teapublican millionaires and billionaires, that’s why.

You can occasionally find a rare honest Congresscritter who will admit that Congress didn’t adequately fund the safety mandates imposed on America’s railway system by that very same Congress. But Boehner, who is decidedly not at all honest, would rather bluster out non sequiturs than admit that he and his fellow Teapublicans are looting the lot of us blind to pad their offshore bank accounts.

Offshore accounts like those of defense industry types, to whom the Pentagon shovels extra hundreds of billions of dollars, even though it can’t even keep track of the funds it already gets.

Accounts like those belonging to charter school scam artists who profit handsomely, providing substandard and unaudited “educations” to our children, all the while stealing from the taxpayers and starving the public schools of funds that were SUPPOSED to go to said public schools.

Accounts like those belonging to Big Motherf***ing Oil tycoons, who rob us twice: at the pump AND when we pay our taxes.

It’s all a symptom of Teapublicans’ pathological anti-government idiocy. The idea that government is bad, bad, bad, oh yesyesyyes, soverybadindeed: even as they mulct that government, and by extension we taxpayers, of every scrap of money we possess. Seems like they should LOVE the government for providing their illegal funds, but NOOOOO…the “Republican” party that once created infrastructure (like the Interstate highway system) now hates the very idea of spending on public works.

 “The reason we don’t have beautiful new airports and efficient bullet trains is not that we have inadvertently stumbled upon stumbling blocks; it’s that there are considerable numbers of Americans for whom these things are simply symbols of a feared central government, and who would, when they travel, rather sweat in squalor than surrender the money to build a better terminal.” The ideological rigor of this idea, as absolute in its way as the ancient Soviet conviction that any entering wedge of free enterprise would lead to the destruction of the Soviet state, is as instructive as it is astonishing.

The money IS there, Gentle Reader – we have provided trillions of dollars for it via our tax dollars over the years. If Congress would spend public money to benefit the, you know, PUBLIC, we could have trains that run safely and quickly; we could have roads and bridges that are safe; we could have clean water, safe food, and all the other benefits we are supposed to already be getting for our hard-earned.

The only reason we don’t get what we pay for, and it IS the ONLY reason, is because Congress is robbing us blind, even as their theft kills us. Time to throw each and every GOP official out of office at the next election. Then prosecute them and get our money back. With those funds in hand, we can build the America we’ve already paid for; indeed, paid for several times over.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Your humble bloggespondent spent the past weekend supporting a family member at an event hosted by a gay leather group. And, as always, the degree of respect, honesty, integrity, and community service pervaded the gathering to an extent never experienced in, say, a church, legislature, boardroom or other such environment.

Think about that, Gentle Reader. The “others” outclass the “normals” when it comes to the values we all profess to hold dear. Hard work? Check. Truthfulness? Check. Ethical conduct? Check. Strict moral code? Check.

In fact, these taxpaying citizens, for all that they are marginalized and shunned by America’s mainstream culture, are in fact exemplary members of that culture. That doesn’t surprise this writer, who has many good friends in the gay leather community.

But it’s a fair bet that many heads in the straight world just exploded after reading the preceding paragraphs.

Think about that, Gentle Reader. Those among us whom we are told to despise are in many respects people we should be emulating. Those the Teavangelicals would have us execute for being gay actually better exemplify the teachings of Jesus than do most right-wing “Republican Christians”. The gay leather community as a whole is a safer, more trustworthy place than just about anywhere else in this country.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

(P. S. – You know what almost never got mentioned? Gay sex. Indeed, you will hear far more talk about gay sex from “Christian” Fundagelicals or on Fox “news” than you ever will at a gay leather event.)

Look at their schools. The same system that teaches twaddle like “abstinence” and “creationism” has long taught racism. One odious bit of proof, for all you dumbf*** deniers out there – “Know Alabama”, the elementary history text from the 50’s to the 70’s. Here are a few choice bits:

“The Southerners had a right under the law to own slaves, and the Southern states had a right under the law to leave the United States. Many Southerners did not want to leave the Union. But when Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, the South felt that they had to leave the Union to keep their rights.”

“The loyal white men of Alabama saw they could not depend on the laws or the state government to protect their families. They knew they had to do something to bring back law and order, to get the government back in the hands of honest men who knew how to run it.

 “They (the Klan) held their courts in the dark forests at night; they passed sentence on the criminals and they carried out the sentence. Sometimes the sentence would be to leave the state.

“After a while the Klan struck fear in the hearts of the “carpetbaggers” and other lawless men who had taken control of the state…. The Negroes who had been fooled by the false promises of the “carpetbaggers” decided to get themselves jobs and settle down to make an honest living.

“Many of the Negroes in the South remained loyal to the white Southerners. Even though they had lately been freed from slavery, even though they had no education, they knew who their friends were.”

Gentle Reader, remember this post about the Georgia University museum exhibit? Here is the crucial bit:

Once upon a time in the Oughts, your humble correspondent had a girlfriend from a foreign country, and she traveled to America to visit, meet the family, see the sights, and so on. She really wanted to see the South, and so we spent some time there. During that sojourn, we stopped at one of Georgia’s state universities to look at dinosaur bones, and wandered into a historical exhibit about the “War of Northern Aggression” (indeed, it was thus labeled) and how bad it was for the formerly-contented slaves. This in an accredited, state-chartered university.

So we can’t say “they quit using that textbook years ago”, and think that things have gotten better. They haven’t. The rich and powerful Southerners are STILL fighting the Civil War. In the halls of power, in the dark of night, and in the classroom. 24/7/365.

Not all Southerners are racists. Thank God for that, and for them. Amazing that anyone can come through that racist indoctrination and come out with a full set of brains and morals. Kudos to all of them (including you, if that shoe fits).

And to all the racists, in and out of the South: F*** the lot of you. F*** you sideways, with a sandy lubricant and a burning cross. And, most especially, f*** the schools and bigoted adults who created you. May they burn forever in Hell, hanging from nooses over brimstone blazes.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Their response? “Pinch MORE pennies”. As witness the recent deadly Amtrak derailment, caused by “republican” budget cuts. Said budget cuts have slowed down improvements that could have prevented the accident:

One key safety feature was missing from the stretch of tracks where an Amtrak passenger train going more than 100 mph derailed and killed seven people.

Investigators say that if positive train control had been installed on that stretch, the technology could have automatically slowed the train down and perhaps saved lives.

Another GOP budget-cutting spree resulted in engineers being forced to work more and sleep less.

Accident investigators have been unwilling to speculate on whether operator error or mechanical problems led to Tuesday’s deadly Amtrak derailment. But for months, members of the labor union representing locomotive engineers have complained that recent reductions in rest and downtime could lead to tragedy. “You need to be able to have some kind of chance to get off the equipment, turn your mind off for a while,” said Fritz Edler, a veteran engineer who wrote a scathing letter last December to Amtrak managers on behalf the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen. 

The letter accused Amtrak of forcing “dangerous changes” in the scheduling of engineers that have had the effect of reducing rest time in between trips to Washington, D.C. and New York City. 

“Forcing shorter breaks, day after day, between runs increases fatigue related risk and the potential for loss of focus,” the letter warned. 

But do the Elephants care? Nope. Within a few hours of the deaths that they helped cause, they passed even bigger budget cuts. Yes. They really did. Boehner and Co. are so blase’ about killing people, they stole even MORE taxpayer money to give to their fat-cat buddies, before their victims’ bodies had yet been given a decent burial.

Gentle Reader, we all know that stuff costs money. Trains, tracks, engineers, safety equipment, all of these things COST MONEY. Congress steals money from Amtrak just to hand it to a load of their billionaire cronies, regardless of whether or not the people whose taxes they stole live or die. Those budget cuts aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet: they are actions that have consequences. Consequences such as dead people.

“Republicans” Do. Not. Care. Not about anything but themeselves and the bastards who have bought them. Greedy, murderous motherf***ing Teapublicans.

Get on out, and vote them out. Before they kill you or yours with budget cuts, like they did those commuters on Amtrak.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

It’s pretty much like Frankenstein, but with less humanity and pathos. As reported elsewhere, business interests pushed for “one nation under God” and manifold other Constitutional violations in the mid-to-late 1900’s so as to defeat government regulations, earn more profit, and screw their workers. And it worked: national prayer breakfasts, references to God all over our currency and other state and federal artifacts, and so on. “Establishment Clause? It’s just words on a piece of paper, amIrite Bros?” Lots of rights for corporate personhood, and fewer rights for human personhood. All with the Lord’s apparent sanction.

So the government wound up sponsoring, at the behest of the wealthy and powerful, the promulgation of Christianity. But not just ANY old sort of Christianity, oh my goodness gracious no. What we have been saddled with is a shadow theocracy composed of the most patriarchal, repressive, and authoritarian denominations: Catholicism, Baptists, CICU, Nazarenes and the like.

A perfect plan to undermine the Constitutional system, creating a neo-feudal structure in which users can be controlled and unknowingly transformed into modern-day serfs and villeins. And it has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of its creators: look at how much steeper the sides of the economic pyramid have become over the past 50+ years, and how much sharper is its point. Look at how many Americans no longer think for themselves; instead, they blindly accept the sermons of their pastors and bleatings of their favorite pundits.

Success, indeed. The rich have gotten much richer, the government has been bought and sold to the rich, and everybody else fights over the few remaining scraps and crusts that fall from the high table down to where we can grasp them. But into every Eden there must slither a snake, and one has done so in this case: the peasantry and the less-intelligent members of the elite are taking their religious indoctrination and using it in ways that Big Biz does not like.

For example, the new “religious freedom restoration” laws that are being pushed around the country. They are not that much different than many other religious laws that have been passed over the years, but these are costing Big Biz money. So Big Biz wants the laws rolled back, and the rabble are resisting.

Dr. Frankenstein’s monster turned on him, just as the neo-feudal schemes of the 1% are turning around to bite them in their corpulent kazoos. It’s instructive, and weirdly satisfying, to see evil marring evil. But the glee one feels at the discomfiture of the corrupt is tempered with the knowledge that we are still in chains forged by decades of slow, steady undermining of our system of government. And the additional awareness that it is going to be far beyond difficult to undo what we have allowed to be done to us in the name of God.

The Religion Monster is running amok, and lots of we lowly types are being trampled thereby. Time to grab the torches and pitchforks, and deal once and for all with the monster and its mad creators. And that soon.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

…will gladly let that same government control women’s uteri.

The same people who think that the Eeeeevil Gummint will invade Texas think it’s OK to force women to carry stillborn babies to full term.

The same Teabaggers who don’t want the government tapping their phones are OK having a bureaucrat looking over their OB/GYN’s shoulder.

It seems that women’s reproductive bits are one of the only areas where Teavangelicals and “Republicans” favor Big Government. (The other is, of course, gay male sex.)

So why is it that the same women who were considered trustworthy enough to bear these right wingnuts back in the day are now suddenly, somehow, no longer able to think for themselves?

Maybe it’s because Boehner, FHuckabee and all the rest of the He-Man Woman-Hater’s Tea Party Club secretly realize that they themselves are strong arguments for retroactive birth control?

Naaaah. They’re probably just sexually frustrated, needle-dicked, cranially-challenged f***wits.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Really, Teapublicans hate Reality. “Republicans” pretend that basic math like 2+2 is negotiable. They say things are in the Bible that aren’t, and ignore things that ARE in the Bible. The GOPee would have you believe that scientific facts are debatable.

This “denial-based” approach to reality has lots of consequences. By denying biology and human sexuality,the Teavangelical “abstinence only” approach has caused STD epidemics and lots of unintended underaged pregnancies. By denying history, Trickle-Down economics has beggared the many and fattened the few. By denying science, whole nations are being wiped out by climate change, and more damage is occurring on a daily basis.

By denying the Constitution, a partisan “republican” Supreme Court illegally installed Gee Dubya Bush in the White House. By denying the facts, that illegitimate “president” allowed 9/11 to happen. By denying MORE facts, that same individual launched an illegal war that killed thousands of people and squandered billions of dollars. And so on. And on. AND on.

Those who vote for Teapubbies are even further divorced from reality (except for the .1 % crooks): because even though their jobs and money are gone, their women abused, their fields parched and their homes foreclosed upon, millions of Americans continue voting for Repubs. Because they deny the reality that their lives have been drowned in GOP Elephant s***.

Reality cannot be denied forever. Sooner or later, the facts will have their triumph. And all the denial one cares to create and perpetuate will accomplish naught in the end: nothing, that is, but even greater destruction, death, and human misery.

Reality is calling. Pick up the damned phone, America.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky


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