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20131122-081842.jpg This flyer was put on doorsteps all over Dallas just before President Kennedy arrived there, fifty years ago. It was part of an organized and deliberate “conservative” hate-speech campaign that ended with the death of a President.

After Kennedy’s assasination, many groups of people learned many lessons: The city of Dallas learned that being the “City of Hate” was NOT a good thing, and has been trying to change ever since that terrible day.
The radical Left thought the lesson was “violence works”, and tried it themselves. They quickly realized that they learned the wrong lesson, and stopped doing that stupid s***.
The civil rights movement learned that “conservatives” were even crazier and more violent than they thought, and changed tactics as a result.
Liberals learned that when “conservatives” used hateful and violent rhetoric, they really mean it, and started using the courts to try to make their own assassinations less likely.

And the “Conservatives” that caused the Kennedy killing? Why, they’re doing the same thing to Obama that they did to Kennedy: hate speech, violent rhetoric, ad nauseum – nay, ad infinitum. They still think that the lesson of 11/22 is “violence works”.

Which once again shows that those stupid f***s couldn’t poor pee out of a boot without a thirty-page instruction manual: in fact, they probably wouldn’t even read the thing at all, and just wind up making a terrible, stinking mess. No, what happened as a result of the assassination of Kennedy (and Kennedy, and King) was the beatification of them as individuals and the advancement of their agendas. So, the Raging Righties in their Tightie Whities pretty clearly haven’t got a f***ing clue as to what they did in 1963, or what they’re doing now, or the consequences of either.

They helped to kill a sitting President with their words and actions fifty years ago today. They are trying to do it again, because they were never held to account for their despicable actions back then. So maybe the lesson that “Republicans” learned from 11/22/63 was this: “We got away with it. Let’s do it again”. It certainly looks that way, doesn’t it?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

AllisonWilliam Allison kept this sign for 50 years. In 1963, he was 42 and participated in the March on Washington for Jobs and Justice. Now he’s 92 and did it again. With the same sign.

On the one hand, it’s depressing that such marches are still necessary, and the sign is still 100% relevant, a half century later. On the other, it’s uplifting to see someone with that much courage and determination.

Either way, it is a lesson to us all: when we feel like giving up on a cause, a task or a dream, look at Mr. Allison and realize that it is possible to keep fighting for what you believe in. Even when the struggle started long before you were born, and will continue after you will pass away. If we truly believe in something, we have to give it that kind of consistent devotion and unwavering commitment – and it can be done. He is living proof.

Let’s all take a breath, nut up, and keep working for what we believe in, love, and cherish. The only way to win is to keep showing up. And the only guaranteed way to lose is to give up.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky