Note first that Mr. Blunt and Cranky did, in fact, vote against Romney, rather than for Obama. He last voted for a Presidential candidate in1976;  since then, it’s always been a vote against the greater of two evils. So it was this year. Reasons being:

Number A: We cannot trust Romney. He changes positions and direction more often than a weathervane in a tornado; he lives a life of secrecy and untruths; and there have been multiple reports and recordings of his speeches when he thinks he is among his “own kind”. These speeches show a man who is nothing like the image he presents to the rest of us.

Letter 2: His proposed policies either are the same as Obama’s; or they don’t stand up to scrutiny.  His policy on Iran is the same as Obama’s (and Shrub’s), for example. His tax policy is mathematically impossible. These are talking points meant to persuade the gullible members of the electorate, instead of serious policies to be used when in office. Bottom line: we do not know what he’d do if he got into the Oval Office.

Thirdly: Romney’s case of foot-in-mouth disease is right up there with Bush the Dumber or Dan Quayle. He has offended our allies, our trading partners, and vast swaths of the American population. And he Does. Not. Understand. Why. Someone that clueless might make a good venture capitalist, but cannot possibly be a good President: the leader of a diverse nation must possess the ability to understand different points of view, and communicate effectively across cultural and political lines.

This writer may not be a particularly huge fan of Obama, but we know what we’ll be getting if he is re-elected. With Romney, there is no way of knowing what he’ll do if he gets his mitts (pun intended) on the reins of power; but it is not likely to be good for the country.

Mr. B & C