These people are miles beyond insanity. They believe that Obama is using mass hypnosis to control the American electorate, for one example of their crazitude. They also oppose evidence-based medicine, vaccination, and generally hang out on the far right wing of the political spectrum. To the right of, say, Attila the Hun.

They are such a bats*** insane bunch of crazies that even the hyper-partisan US Supreme Court ignores their “legal” filings. Yesterday, for example, Bircher-Boy John Roberts bounced their latest anti-ObamaCare suit out of the Court without so much as a cursory explanation.

Like the Constituitional Peace Officers group we pilloried yesterday, this deliberately-misnamed organization is a fringe group of clinically insane crackpots (by the bye, the AAPS also opposes mental health care funding, the better to not have themselves diagnosed and committed) with a purely political agenda that is opposed by the vast majority of Americans. They want a State that is simultaneously libertarian and authoritarian: that, friends, is insanity of the most magnificent sort.

The lesson of the day is to look beyond the name of an organization to see what they actually stand for. As Fielding once wrote, “garbage by any other name doth stink”. These crazy f***ers at AAPS stink to high heaven.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky