These pictures show us what an engaged citizenry looks like: IMG_1951-0.JPG

IMG_1949.JPGCommunist China is violating the law by taking away part of the power of the Hong Kong electorate. As this article explains:

The unrest began Sept. 22 with a call from the Hong Kong Federation of Students to boycott classes in protest of the government’s plan to limit candidates in Hong Kong’s first leadership election, slated for 2017, to those approved by a panel of presumed Beijing loyalists. The decision was widely viewed as a sharp reversal of a long-held promise to allow Hong Kong voters to select a new leader in open, democratic elections.

In other words, the locals have not lost the right to vote, but they have lost the right to any meaningfulvote. So they got angry, took to the streets, and remain there at the time of this writing.

Your humble correspondent tried to find pictures of Ohio voters rioting after the Supremes took away parts of their voting rights. But there are no such pictures, because there have been no protests. Americans as a whole have become conditioned to just roll over and take it whenever the government takes away their rights. Bloody pathetic.

When the history of our time is written, will we be remembered as active citizens of a democracy? Or will we be remembered as a load of lazy, disengaged, deluded fools who let our Constitutional rights be stolen from us without so much as a whimper?

The answer to that question, Gentle Reader, is (for the moment) up to us. Get out and vote. Make some noise. Do it while you still can.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky