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Another example of why the “no difference between the parties” line is a bunch of bulls***. Dems fight against Terrorists in word and deed, while Teapubbies talk a big game when it comes to law and order: but the Repub walk doesn’t match the talk.

Example Number A, take Cliven Bundy and his Moocher Militia, who violated even more laws than Bin Laden, but still got support from the GOP. In fact, not only do Repubs support Bundy’s sedition, they were lining up to get their pictures taken with him. And after members of the Bundy Bunch murdered some cops, “Republicans” said and did little or nothing  – except, of course, continued support.

Example Letter 2:  we see that Repubs love the Sovereign Citizen terrorists. The Justice Department calls these mutts the most dangerous security threat to our nation, but that doesn’t stop GOP politicos like LePage from including them in their inner circles, or granting them rights to carry weapons that scare the sh** out of law-abiding Americans. Hell, even when they commit terrorist crimes the Repubs don’t do much of anything about it.

Example the Third: always remember, Gentle Reader, Bush and his fellow Repubs allowed Bin Laden to get away with murder – the worst foreign terrorist attack on our soil, thousands dead, and the Tevangelicals said “meh”. They used hs face to whip up the population in a manner that even Goebbels would have envied. But while abusing his face, Repubs kissed his a**. Then, of course, they bitched about Obama, who brought Bin Laden to justice.

There we have it,  another example of the enormous differences between the two political parties.

Remember this when a Raging Righty or Loony Leftie tries to tell you that there is “little or no dfference”: that is a big, fat lie.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Both have said it straight out, Gentle Reader, so this is not Cranky hyperbole.  Let’s start with Ducky Daddy , OK? He said this to Sean Hannity just yesterday: “I’m just saying either convert them or kill them”. There’s video at the link if you don’t believe it.

ISIS, the “Too Crazy even for Al-Quaida Brigade”, kill people from other religions. And they have been doing it. Hopefully, Duckie Boy and his faux-redneck crew of TeaVangelicals aren’t doing THIS in their swamps (yet):

As previously reported, ISIS gave villagers the choice of converting to Islam or facing death. Everyone in the village, whose name is also spelled “Kocho,” chose conversion. Everyone, that is, except their sheikh.

The one man’s refusal was enough to push ISIS militants over the edge, Reuters reports. After looting the village, they loaded the men into buses and took them to the middle of the desert, where they shot them.

That, Cranky Nation, is exactly what “Christians” like Phil Robertson will do if they can take over. It’ll be “Kiss the Cross or be kissed by a sword”. Oh, and you had better be the RIGHT kind of Christian: Presbyterians are considered just as Hellbound as Moslems to crazy f***ers like the Ducksters, so this writer’s head would be rolling down the street, too. Likely yours would as well.

It’s time and past time to remind our country that we ALL have freedom of religion. Nobody should be threatened with death because of their faith. NOBODY. Nowhere. Never. Phil Robertson should take his Bin Laden Beard overseas and join ISIS. The murderous lunatic would fit right in.

Heck, he could star in the next video as he beheads a journalist. Even better propaganda value than a cowardly Brit who is too scared to take his mask off while killing bound, unarmed infidels.


Mr. Blunt and Cranky  Yes, she really said it.  According to the Loon of the Lakes, 9/11/01 and 9/11/12 were not the fault of those scumbucket terrorists. Nope, God killed them, via His “judgment”.

Well, then, Michele, let’s let all the terrorists go free, since they didn’t commit any crimes, right? If God is the guilty party, can we really justify holding these men in prison? Of course not. And call off the manhunt for the despicable little s***s who murdered our embassy staff in Benghazi, too. She says God killed them as well, again by his “judgment”. So really, it’s not the fault of the miserable little weasels that we thought did the deed: no, it was God that did it. Thus sayeth Bachmann, anyway.

You don’t think that’s what she meant? Take another example of His judgment: the Flood. God (according to the Bible that Ms. Bachmann also reads) did away with every animal that walked the Earth as his judgment on us for our wicked ways: every such creature that Noah could not fit on the Ark. Also, God killed a lot of young men in ancient Egypt when Moses was trying to get the Israelites freed. So, make no mistake about it, when people die as a result of God’s judgment, it is God that kills them. And He makes no bones about it.

This Congresscritter is truly insane, people. We know that humans do evil things: we see it every day. Do we really think that God is the agent of evil, that He rapes, steals, tortures and murders us? Most of us think no such thing. Ms. Bachmann would appear to think that is the case, though. (Hint, Michele – look up “Satan” in your dictionary. You may have him and God mixed up.)

But then, what do you expect from someone who claims to have heard the voice of God telling her to make LGBT Americans into second-class citizens? Yes, she said that too:

Hey, Michele: maybe, just possibly maybe, the guilty party is not God at all. Maybe the  guilt belongs to  the despicable terrorist killers who flew those planes and pulled those triggers. A crackpot idea, perhaps, but you might want to give it a moment’s thought sometime.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky