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In 2002, Elizabeth Smart was abducted and abused by a perverted, nasty, demented, sicko mother****er who claimed to be following the Bible.  Authorities, citizens and media figures of all sorts busted their asses to rescue the child and lock the rat-bastard scumbucket pedophile perpetrator up, as well they should have.

These days, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer has issued a fatwa call to do the pretty much the same thing: kidnap children from their parents, because the Bible told him to tell you to do so.  But Americans are pretty much ignoring this incitement (although the cops might do a few things here and there when people actually heed the AFA’s calls to commit heinous crimes).

Q: Why are they so blasé about potential victims of kidnappings by these faux-Christian zealot scumbuckets? A: The Fischer King wants us all to kidnap kids from same-sex couples. The link below describes the sort of criminal activity that the AFA is inciting: a woman who betrayed her vows, violated court orders, traumatized her own child, broke many laws, and is now an international fugitive. She was aided and abetted in these apparently-ever-so-Christ-like crimes by a group of allegedly “religious” criminals:,0,5193449.story

Now we see two recent tweets that condone kidnapping, and incite people to commit such illegal acts:





Stealing children is so despicable, it is hard to imagine anyone supporting it. Oh, that’s right, the AFA demonizes gays, so it’s all good. Right. Uh-huh.

Hey, if this Fischer dirtbag happened to be a Moslem instead of a “Christian”, the FBI would already be waterboarding his ass. But since he’s a white “Christian” American male advocating the committing of crimes against gay folk, it’s apparently no big deal.

It’s just damned lucky for Elizabeth Smart that her parents were straight. If she had come from a same-sex family, she might still be suffering abuse, rape, and torture to this very day, because of the antediluvian attitudes of so many Americans.  It is also safe to say that Bryan Fischer would be defending the scumbucket child rapist who said he was following the Bible, tweeting on his behalf and so on.

People, listen up: children are wonderful, precious gifts to our world. No matter what you may think of their parents, kidnapping is a vile, horrific crime that traumatizes these innocent kids in ways we can hardly fathom. And anyone who advocates such a crime…well, let’s hope that Hell is even worse than we think, because anything less would not be punishment enough for Bryan Fischer, Brian Mitchell, Kenneth Miller, Lisa Miller, and anyone else who would rip a family asunder, scar an innocent child for life, and then claim that Jesus wanted them to do it.

Mr. B & C

As someone who was raised in a mainline Protestant family and church, Mr. Blunt and Cranky has to say that Tony Perkins and his posse have absolutely no  business claiming to represent  him, his family, his faith, or indeed American families as a whole. The American Family Association can (and should) re-name themselves something else, like:

  • The Johnny-Come-Lately Denomination Association,
  • The Latter-Day-Pharisees,or
  • The Pompous, Rich, Hypocritical And Bigoted White Men’s Association

The AFA recently responded to the Aurora, CO killings  by blaming, well, pretty much everyone but themselves (and the killer himself, one must note): singling out other churches that are different from theirs for special abuse. In the case of the average schmoe, Mr.  B & C lets that sort of thing go. But not the professionals, who know better  due to their seminary education, but spew their self-righteous hatred anyway.

Short history lesson: when the R.C. Church got too corrupt and full of itself, some of its members asked for reform, and protested when they were kicked out of the church. That is where all Protestant churches came from. The early denominations (Presbyterians, Lutherans and such) got killed, tortured, robbed, and generally had a tough time surviving. But they persevered, and won for the denominations that arose later  the right to worship as they saw fit.

And what gratitude comes from these newer denominations? As when dealing with any spoiled children who have never known want or struggle, what the older churches get in return for their sacrifice is abuse from their offspring. Now, we are being blamed for the acts of a senseless loon with a pile of weaponry.

Memo: the person to blame is the killer. Not the ACLU, or Episcopalians, or gays, or any of the others the AFA routinely demonizes: no,  the killer should be blamed for this. And no one else.

Mr. B & C