Yes, Mr. Blunt and Cranky is mixquoting Orwell’s Animal Farm. And even though the analogy might not seem apt on the surface, it is a good fit when you dig a bit deeper.

Our corporations have, over recent decades, amassed wealth and rights that are far above those of the citizens of the United States. They can avoid taxation, regulation, and prosecution.

The average American can avoid none of these. We bear an ever- increasing burden while our benefits are reduced. Our lawmakers spend their time pleasing their corporate paymasters and turn a deaf ear to our protests and petitions.

The idea of corporate personhood has been ┬áso distorted as to be unrecognizeable. As politics has become monetized, those with more money have become “more equal” than those of us with less.

One does not need a degree in history to see where our society is going to wind up. Whenever wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of the few,and the lives of the masses become desperate, revolutionary movements form and nations fall apart.

Tomorrow: what will happen if our institutions don’t get a clue.

Mr. B & C