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Regular readers will recall Mr. Blunt and Cranky waxing wroth at Candy Crowley and the rest of the rape cheerleaders at CNN. Short version: after two scumbucket pervert violent criminals were found to be guilty of sexually assaulting a minor, CNN spent the day weeping over the fate of the poor, pitiful perps; they also pretty much ignored the victim, when they weren’t calling her a drunk. Deplorable.

Not surprisingly, CNN is being deplored. And their reaction is, quite frankly, beyond stupid. Poppy Harlow is “outraged” that anyone who saw her pro-rapist slanted coverage would think that she, well, gave her coverage a pro-rapist slant.

And it goes beyond one idiot reporter with a dorky name. Even after hundreds of thousands of petition signatures, CNN is brushing off the outrage of its viewers as “invalid”. Truly epic idiocy.

CNN would do well to remember that they are competing in the marketplace with a large number of competitors. And any time a business pisses off a quarter-million of its customers, they run the risk of going out of business.

The Clueless News Network.

Mr. B & C

Whining is rarely attractive, and when employed usually backfires on the whiner. Witness the plaudits justly bestowed upon President Reagan for his gutsy, leader-like, even funny demeanor after he was shot; versus the sneers that were directed towards Richard Nixon for his self-pitying attitude during the Watergate endgame. The stoic approach almost always gets a better response than the throw-a-pity-party-for-myself bit.

This is especially true when people who are viewed as fortunate start to whine. Examples abound – Linda Ronstadt complaining about irksome fans, Brit Royals kvetching about the tabloid media, etc. Now we have Rich Uncle Pennybags version 2012 (Mitt Romney), whining about nasty political ads and speeches.

The man has over 250 million dollars that we know about, and who-knows-how-many-more that we don’t.  He had to be a complete and utter fool to get into politics in the first place (c’mon, what does he have to gain? Zilch. What can he lose? Lots. A bad business decision), but having done so, he needs to put on his big boy pants and deal with the reality –  politics in this country is a filthy, disgusting, bloody, corrupt occupation with little to recommend it.

Yes, Obama is going to slag you off, as will lots of other people who don’t support your candidacy: that is how politics works. You knew that going in, or should have. Now that said slagging has commenced, what the heck are you doing, asking for apologies and complaining about nastiness, especially since you have been giving at least as good as you have gotten?

Suck it up, buttercup. You have absolutely no business whining about anything. You have enough money to buy a small country, a lovely wife, a great family, a record of success in business; yep, you  generally have it made in the shade.  Millions of Americans would gladly trade places with you.

Quitchyerbitchin, Mittens.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky