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Gentle Reader, if you still believe in small-government “Republicans”, it’s time to stop. Because Jebbie Bush is so Big Brother, he thinks he can decide who lives and who dies. Seriously. Jeb really does accord to himself that God-like power:

Remember the Terri Schiavo case? Jeb overruled the family and doctors in the case, requiring that a brain-dead woman’s body be forcibly kept “alive”. Because it made money for health care providers and got Jeb more votes, and to Hell with the rights of the people involved. Master of Life and Death, Jeb Bush, triumphing over the citizens by his executive decree. Bush’s Personal Death Panel decided who lived and died (until a court smacked him hard enough).

And if you have a baby in a manner Jeb disapproves of, he will punish you. Public shaming, and perhaps other measures legal and extralegal would be used to make the lives of young mothers a living Hell; all because they acted in a “pro-life” manner and gave birth to a child. Sounds like he’d prefer these children not be born at all, doesn’t it?

So Jeb Bush accords himself the power to decide when you can be born, and when you can die? Yes, he does. As does his entire party.Ask yourself just how “small government” can be such if it controls our births and deaths?

The answer is, of course, that Teapublicans are in fact NOT AT ALL in favor of small government. Repubs are the biggest of Big Government types. They’d love to: decide how, when, and if you can reproduce; monitor your phones, mail and Internet activity; control your health care; dictate your financial and social status; and finally force you to die (or not), depending on whatever suits their own financial interests.

Jeb Bush is everything that is wrong with the Teavanglical GOP and all of its idiot adherents. Vote them all out, and quickly, lest you have to go before a “Republican” Death Panel yourself, someday.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

“Republicans” would have you believe that they are for smaller government. Mister Blunt and Cranky hates to bust your bubble, but this is not at all true. Not anymore, anyway.

Don’t believe it? Look at what they propose doing: monitoring and controlling women’s gynecological care; forcing us all to either be evangelical “Christians” or second-class citizens; making us all carry ID papers (like they did in Nazi Germany); criminalizing our bedroom activities, and so on. What is “small” about a government like that? Nada.

The Democrats are not for small government either. They are not as intrusive in our private lives, but they do like big programs and projects that the government either runs or facilitates. Mind, many Dems at least have the grace to openly embrace the idea of big government, so we can’t call them liars (in this one instance).

And what, I hear you cry, of “libertarians” like Ron Paul? Sorry to break it to you, but a quick look at his voting record reveals that he is just another bought-and-paid-for shill of the oil companies that control his district. And he loves nothing better than funneling our tax dollars to his cronies. Nothing “small” about that.

So, to any and all politicos who claim to be for small government, we hereby bestow this week’s Crown O’ Polished Turds. Wear it with pride, you lying sacks of s***.

Mr. B & C