The source of those millions? We, the taxpayers paid them to Mitt and his cronies, while Delphi workers lost their jobs, pensions, and healthcare. Then their jobs were sent to…you guessed ‘er, Chester; China. Yes, Mitt’s cronies sent American auto industry jobs to China. (Mitt later claimed that Obama sent autoworkers’ jobs there. That takes some brass.)

Click the link below for a rare example of actual journalism (yeah, a sadly uncommon thing these days)covering the money trail and the crooked slimeballs involved. Short version: Mitt invested in a company that bought Delphi, got paid more than once for the purchase, and then shipped each and every union job to China. The former American workers are in foreclosure, working at Wal-Mart, going hungry, doing without health care, and so on. The usual fate of de-jobbed American workers in our modern Dickensian economic reality.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky really, really has a problem with his tax dollars going to pad the offshore bank  accounts of these motherf***ers. Especially when Romney opposed the bailout in public, whilst profiting from it in private.  He stole our money and money owed to the former American Delphi workers, sent the jobs overseas, and then tried to blame Obama for it.

If you read this and still vote for Romney, you are one of the following:

Number A: Stupid

Letter 2: Racist AND Stupid

Thirdly: In on the scam and making tons of money from it.

If you are in the third category, well; f*** you assh***, give us our money back.

Mr. B & C