Yes, they are a threat, even if we don’t want to acknowledge it. For example, Kansas Governor Brownback is addressing and helping to lead a group that is planning an armed revolution against the Constitution. They want to create a Christian version of Iran’s religious Sharia law. There are thousands of them, and they are serious.

Fox News staffer General Paul Vallely is part of a planned armed military coup against our Constitutional government, and he says so straight up. His is a greater betrayal, since he swore an oath to preserve and protect the same Constitution he now plans to destroy. He has millions of viewers, and is very serious indeed.

At the low end of the spectrum, we have US Congresscritter Michael Grimm, who recently threatened to break a reporter in half…”like a boy” when the newsie was asking a question. He might get in trouble for it, but the fact that the rest of the “Republican” caucus tolerates his violent behavior shows us that the millions of Right-Wingers, Teabaggers, Fundagelicals and “Republicans” as a whole have embraced violence as an acceptable way of doing business.

Our country was founded by people of divergent views, who decided to create a system where we settled our differences with ballots instead of bullets. Once before, the Right-Wing predecessors of the modern-day Repubs launched a civil war to try and kill everyone who disagreed with them. Today, it is the Right-Wingers that make up the GOP who are threatening to kill the rest of us if they don’t get their way.

The truly scary thing is: I am not exaggerating: click those links and read for yourself. If the Repubs can’t win elections, they will use violence to destroy America as we know it, and build…well, they can’t agree on that yet. But that isn’t stopping them.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky (who may start buying more guns to protect himself from these crazy Teapublicans.)