Lindsey Graham, among others, has been blaming the Boston Marathon Bombing on the Obama administration. Because? Well, as far as Mr. Blunt and Cranky can tell, the Repub’s reason boils down to “because f*** Obama”. They would have us believe that the Dems are “soft on crime” and “weak on terrorism”, and other such nonsensical twaddle. Because, well, “f*** Obama”.

Let’s look at some actual results, and see how well this incredibly intellectual analysis holds up, shall we? We shall, oh yes, we shall: terrorist attacks on American soil.

9/11: Bush The Dumber fumbles, flops, disappears, and comes back with a megaphone-aided photo op. He caught very few of the perpetrators, wasted billions of dollars, and generally did damn-all to bring the guilty to justice. In fact, Obama had to catch or kill the perps when he got into office because BTD didn’t get around to it.

4/15: Obama immediately tells his peeps, “Go get those mother***ers”. The perps were caught or killed in less than a week.

It sure looks like this Prexy did a lot better job of keeping us safe than the previous Oval Office occupant. Advantage: Obama.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky