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All across the USA, people have been pointing judgemental fingers at McKinney, Texas: pointing at the town’s racism, pointing at the town’s homophobia, and pointing at the town’s police misconduct. All such fingers implying a certain superiority on the locale of those doing the pointing.

And those assumptions of superiority are, of course, misguided at best and lies at worst. Let’s take a few of McKinney’s recent “sins” and see how our states, cities, and neighborhoods stand up in comparison, shall we? Oh yes, yes we shall:

Homophobia: Kids who wore t-shirts supporting a bullied friend were harassed, publicly shamed, and otherwise penalized for having the words “Gay OK” on their shirts. The bullies were not, and have not, been punished. Think your town’s schools administrators are better? Probably not.

Racism: White people caused the recent dustup at that pool party, and let’s not pretend otherwise, OK? The white 911 caller was a racist (and has a criminal record), and the white woman who started the pool party fight is an obviously racist POS. Neither of them got so much as a glance from the idiot cop who pummeled an innocent black teen.
Think your town is better? Maybe it is, but probably not.

And let’s not even get STARTED on police misconduct, OK? Just check out the nationwide stats on skin-color-based differences in how law enforcement treats our citizens. No place is immune.

Yes, McKenney has racists, bigots, and crazy cops. So too does Ferguson. And, Staten Island. And, Cleveland. And so too does America as a whole: a wonderful, but deeply f***ed-up country. Until we realize that racism, homophobia, bigotry and other forms of hatred infest our nation from coast to coast and top to bottom, we’ll never get this place cleaned up.

Instead of pointing fingers at others, let’s put our digits to work. fixing our own problems.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

People can really make you want to puke sometimes. Rehtaeh Parsons was gang-raped by her classmates: the community and the Mounties did nothing. Then she was subjected to so much abuse and bullying that she killed herself, the community played chorus, and the Mounties didn’t do much of anything. Now the rapists and their supporters in the community are STILL trying to make it all her fault via Facebook pages and flyers stuck to utility poles. And the Mounties, again, do nothing.

This is what happens to rape victims. It happens every day. The only difference in this case is that the parents are demanding justice, and Anonymous is helping them. Otherwise, we’d not have heard of this at all.

Clearly, the rape fans in Nova Scotia (like those in Steubenville and Torrington) hate young women and love young boys. They love violent sex crimes and hate the rule of law. They hate good and love evil. They want to be rapists themselves and instead live vicariously through the rapes committed by the rapists they support. There really isn’t any other way to explain their behavior.

The flyers and the (now-defunct) Facebook page say things like “there are two sides to every story”. With all due respect to the rape cheerleaders, the boys’ side of the story has been out there since shortly after they brutally gang-raped Ms. Parsons. Indeed, their side has been so loudly and frequently aired, the girl killed herself. What other “information” do these raping, bullying, murdering pieces of s*** have for us?

No, this is another example of people with sick, twisted, violent hatred of young women trying to blame the victim for the crimes committed against her. And to prove how demented and cowardly these sick f***s are : they are blaming a girl they helped to put in the grave.

If there is any more despicable type of human animal on the face of the Earth than someone who spits on the grave of someone they helped to kill?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Oh, and by the way, they are blaming the barely-teenaged girl for it.

First, they raped her. Then they and their fellow scumball pervert friends took to Twitter to gang-rape her again via social media .

Fortunately, these two cowardly, needle-dicked child abusers are 18 years old, and will be tried as adults. That means they’ll do more time, and harder time.

Here’s hoping the authorities drop the hammer on these two loathsome kiddie rapists, and that they get back what they gave once they are locked up.

Mr. B & C

Lindsey Stone is an idiot. Being an idiot is not a crime. But a load of self-righteous a**holes have appointed themselves judge and jury of said idiot, hounding her out of her job and God knows what else. And the majority of those pompous sphincters are cowards, bleating their outrage from the comfort and safety of their living rooms, secure and safe from consequences. At least old-fashioned lynch mobs, however repugnant they may have been, had to actually show up and get their hands dirty.

Where was this level of outrage when people threatened the life of the President? Where was it when elections were stolen? Where was it when the profiteering scumbags who caused the Great Recession got away scot-free? Those were actual illegal acts, not mere sophomoric idiocy. But the lynch mob, as they do so often, ignored the criminals.

This writer suggests that the difference is a different variety of cowardice: Ms. Stone is powerless and can do nothing to those who abuse her. Ah, but the congressmen, Senators, billionaires and gun-toting loons can, if they choose, cause much harm to those who annoy them. So the virtual pitchfork-and-torch bearers vent their spleens on a harmless fool and think themselves powerful, virtuous and right.

They are nothing more than bullies. And, like all bullies, they are cowards. Screw them.

Mr. B & C