FreedomWorks, a “Conservative” “Republican” organization, is not working for freedom –  not for your freedom, anyway. They are funded by industry groups, and their mission is to remove the last teensy shreds of regulation from the marketplace so they can mulct the last coppers from our pockets (see the links below, for those of you who want the source material as well as a rant).

Their latest stunt: to have people refuse to buy health insurance, and to burn fake “ObamaCare” cards as a “protest”. Really. That is what they are promoting. Yes, they want you to risk death or bankruptcy and look like an ignorant fool.  Gentle Reader, does this sound like an organization with your best interests at heart?

Of course not. The next question is “whose interests are they advancing?” And the response to that, is, of course, their own. For example, they have made  money by selling near-worthless health insurance products in the past:

“In 2006, the Washington Post revealed that from 2001 – 2006 FreedomWorks engaged in a hidden deal with insurance brokers whereby the brokers would sell high-deductible insurance policies and tax-free medical savings plans to individuals at a group discount, and those who purchased the plans would automatically be added FreedomWorks membership list..”

FreedomWorks pocketed over a half-million dollars  from this single, shady deal. They don’t want ObamaCare to succeed, because they and their cronies won’t be able to fleece us with their crappy insurance products. Speaking of cronies, they are funded in part by the tobacco industry: you know, the people that sell us deadly, addictive s***? Right, THAT tobacco industry.  Hardly the champions of health: in fact, quite the opposite.

Freedom for themselves, and not for the 99%: that is what FreedomWorks stands for. Put another way, FreedomWorks for them, but they don’t want freedom to work for you.

So you shouldn’t work for them.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky