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He and his fellow racist, bigoted, partisan, Ayn-Rand-worshiping , Teabagging “Republican” Supreme Court “Justices” pretty obviously want to disenfranchise every person of color who does not sit on the high court. Yesterday’s “f*** those poor black voters” ruling is just the latest example:

“Tens of thousands of North Carolina voters, especially African-American voters, have relied on same-day registration, as well as the counting of ballots that were cast out of precinct, for years,” Barber said in a statement. “As the appeals court correctly concluded, eliminating these measures will cause irreparable harm of denying citizens their right to vote in the November election – a right that, once lost, can never be restored.”

Despite the Supreme Court ruling, Barber said, the NAACP and other organizations plan to make “sure that, county by county, as many votes as possible are counted despite the barriers posed by the Supreme Court’s ruling.”

Prior rulings in Ohio and indeed, nationwide, demonstrate that the Roberts Court has a 100% racist agenda when it comes to voting. The “conservatives” ALWAYS vote to f*** people of color. Even when they themselves are POC, people like Clarence “Uncle” Thomas do all they can to oppress and abuse others.

And the most disgusting aspect of this loathesome man, beyond his massive hypocrisy, is his near-sociopathic greed, lust, and lack of concern about anyone but himself. He has been a huge beneficiary of Affirmative Action, but wants no one else to get those benefits. He has profited greatly by Civil Rights laws, but wishes to deny those benefits  to anyone else.

The other four “Justices” who routinely vote to turn non-white American citizens back into slaves (Alito, Scalia, Roberts, and Kennedy) are, of course, white, so their racism, classism, and discriminatory actions are to be expected from scum such as they. But for a black man to oppress other black people, and to do so with such consistency and enthusiasm, is truly inhuman and borders on the demonic.

And what is the quickest and best way to turn people of color back into second-class citizens? Why, taking away their access to the polls, of course. Clarence “Uncle” Thomas knows this, and that is why he rules as he does. Take away the voting rights from black citizens, and they won’t truly be citizens any longer.

People of color need to vote. They need to vote for politicians who don’t hate minorities, so that future Supreme Court jurists are worthy of being called “Justices”. Without the scarequotes.

Because “Republicans” put that bastard Uncle Thomas on the court. Given the chance, they’ll put more black-hating motherf***ers up there with him. Vote, while you still can. Against the racist Republican  motherf***ers like “Uncle” Thomas.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Yesterday, we talked about how liberal demonstrations are ignored by the media, even if tens of thousands are present and protesting. Here is a picture of one small part of that crowd, which was NOT covered on major US “news” outlets:


Now we bring you a few photos of Right-Wingnut “events” that WERE covered by that same media. See if you can spot the difference:





Yep, if you are a Teabagger, Birtherbot, Right Wingnut or a “Republican” of any sort, then the media will show up and cover your “rally”, never mind how small or ridiculous it is. But if you are anybody else, sorry, but Bubba’s having gotten a blowjob back in the 90’s or a “celebrity” sighting is far more newsworthy than you are.

Since the right-wingnuts and Teapubs own the media, this may not be surprising. But it remains infuriating.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

20140210-112846.jpg That is a picture of around one hundred-thousand people marching through Raleigh this past Saturday, protesting a whole raft of screw-everybody-but-rich-white-male-Repub laws that are being foisted upon the populace by North Carolina’s 100% Teapublican government. And here is a link to more such pictures. Oh, and here is another link to a local report.

And did you hear about this on the national “news” programs, Gentle Reader? No, you did not. You heard about the Olympics, various celebrity peccadillos, a politician’s 1990’s sex life, and lots of finger-pointing tripe from Congress.

It is apparently too much to expect our Infotainment industry to cover a huge grass-roots march by ordinary people, asking for ordinary things, in an ordinary way. You see, the “news” media is no longer about news, and hasn’t been since the 1970’s. The Reaganistas deregulated the media , making truth play second fiddle to profits. Second fiddle, Hell, they made truth a friggin’ understudy. Ratings and ad revenue determine what gets played on TeeVee “news” programs these days.

The only way for a citizen’s protest to get shown on national media would be to add a professional celebrity: have a Kardashian get a divorce during the march, or perhaps have Miley Cyrus twerking on a wrecking ball at the head of the march. Something shallow and meaningless to attract the “journalists”, and once they have taken the bait, the marchers force them to listen to, and then report on, something substantial, something that people actually need to know.

Because as of now, the lives and concerns of ordinary Americans are guaranteed not to be broadcast on the “news”.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

This post is for all you idiot Reagan-worshipping fools who still believe that “government is the problem”: because of all the deregulation St. Ronnie championed, there is no way to tell if water from the Elk River is fit for human use. So the locals trusted the unregulated chemical industry, declared the water to be safe, and a load of kids and teachers got very ill indeed.

The licorice smell typical of MCHM contamination resurfaced in schools early in the week. Several students reported burning in their noses and eyes as well as skin irritation. Multiple people were hospitalized, including a teacher who fainted and a cook at one of the schools, according to Ashton Marra at West Virginia Public Broadcasting. The reported symptoms are consistent with exposure to “crude MCHM.”

Note: saying “Duuuh, I dunno, sure, I guess it’s probably kinda sorta safe-ish” is NOT good public policy. When our elected officials have become so lax in their civic responsibilities that we can’t tell if our drinking water will hospitalize us or not, it is time to make a few changes. And the first step towards change is admitting that we have a problem.

A little further south, a load of toxic coal ash is fouling the river that another city uses for its water supply. The locals there have also said the water is OK. They are absolutely maybe guesstimating the water to be pretty much safe-ish to drink. Until it isn’t.

It’s time we knocked Ronald McReagan off his pedestal and realized this harsh truth: government is not always bad. In fact, it can do a lot of good. A well-managed regulatory system can protect us from harm.

Think about that, America, as you play Russian Roulette with each and every drink of water. Richard Nixon gave us the gift of safe water. And since 1979, his fellow “Republicans” have been busily taking that safety away from us.

Think about it, America, as you drink with one hand, and prepare to call for an ambulance with the other.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Remember when Boeing decided to move to the “Right to Work” states of the Southeast, because the eeeevil nasty unions of the Northwest were unwilling to work for half the pay they’d been getting? And remember how Boeing said these new workers would do the same jobs better and cheaper? They lied.

“Boeing’s South Carolina facility is running behind projections and won’t make its goal of producing three 787 Dreamliners a month by the end of 2013. In fact, the Everett plant will have to make up the difference in order for the company to reach its overall goal of 10 jetliners a month by year’s end.

In other words, the cheaper workers are providing less work than the more expensive workers. And the Carolina workers are producing such crap, the union workers often have to redo it to fix what the non-union yokels f***ed up.

Big lesson here: “Right to Work” does not mean “ability to work”. This has come as a shock to all of the Boeing MBAs who smugly assumed that anybody with ten digits could do a task as well as anybody else. These “managers” are a bunch of purblind fools who couldn’t manage their way out of a wet paper sack with electric carving knives.

This writer thinks that Boeing’s MBAs should be made to give back their degrees. The reason is simple: companies are supposed to return maximum value to their shareholders, yes?

And Boeing is failing to do so, and that miserably. Instead of taking care of business, they pursued a sociopolitical agenda: and that agenda was to a large extent based on theoretical notions and was characterized by short-term thinking.

When your planning horizon is “what time is it?”, you will fail. When you rely on unquantified assumptions and do not adapt when the data proves them false, you will fail spectacularly.

MBAs are taught not to do these things. Anyone who does them is not worthy to hold the title.

This will, in a future business school be a case study of everything NOT to do in a business situation. I hope the workers get the jobs they deserve from Boeing’s competitor.

And hopefully Airbus will never be crowned with a Crown O’ Polished Turds, as those lying sacks of s*** at Boeing have just been.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Especially if the former employee who had scammed you had another court case pending against him for other criminal acts?

South Carolina did just that yesterday.

Mark Sanford, disgraced former Governor and a confessed liar and thief, won an election yesterday. Tomorrow he will stand in court to answer for his further crimes of stalking and criminal trespass. That did not matter to the voters, who cast their ballots for him in spite of his criminal activities.

If one were running a taco truck, it is a fair bet that one would not make such a hiring decision. But handing over the keys to an entire Congressional district? Sure, why not? That is logic, Carolina style.

On behalf of all of the voters from Ohio and Florida, this blogger would like to say “thank you” to the voters of Sourh Carolina’s First District; you’ve proven yourselves to be an even bigger joke than us.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Yes, Gentle Reader, disgraced former Guv Mark Sanfiord has become a joke. He is being used as a joke advertising a website whose slogan reads: “Life is short. Have an affair.” Click the link above to see the billboard, it is pretty funny.

And it gets crazier, as oftimes happens in partisan politics. You likely remember Mr. Sanford as the guy who went AWOL from his job as Governor, stole public funds, cheated on his wife, and generally wrecked his life, as well as the lives of others. More recently, he was busted for trespassing at his ex-wife’s house.

The biggest joke of all, though, is that Mr. Sanford has a good chance of winning a congressional election next week, because he has an “R” after his name. That’s right: a self-confessed liar, thief, cheat and likely head case may well win an election because (and only because) we have political parties, and partisans vote for their party’s candidate, regardless of how corrupt and crazy that candidate may be.

We have met the joke, and he is us.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Mark Sanford took another hike recently: he was trespassing at his ex-wife’s house, and got caught. She caught him sneaking out, using his cell phone as a flashlight. No word on what he was doing in her house, or who he did it to. Or how often he has done it before and not been busted.

Not everyone who trespasses is a pervert, of course (after all, be might have been stealing something instead), but we have reason to wonder in his case. You may remember Markie as the disgraced former governor who betrayed his oath of office, lied to people, and cheated on his wife (all on the taxpayer’s dime). So he has already demonstrated a disregard for the rule of law, and a penchant for out-of-bounds sexual activity.

This writer has always seen Sanford as a crooked, hypocritical, lying cheat: a typical politician, in other words. But sneaking around your ex-wife’s house in the middle of the night? People, that is really, seriously creepy behavior. The sort of thing we associate with flashers, child molesters, and other sex-related criminals.

The only thing more troubling than this Peeping Mark’s behavior is the large number of people who plan to vote for him in a few days. That, friends, is some seriously sick thinking.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Members of The Cranky Nation will know that certain wingnut North Carolina legislators voted for an unconstitutional state law earlier this week. That law would have made NC law supreme over Federal law, all because their precious wittle feewings got aww hurted the other day.

House Speaker Thom Tillis , who is smarter than the average nutjob, put the bill out of its misery yesterday. He has not said why he killed it, but hey, he killed it.

What he did not do was repudiate the intent behind the bill, admonish his fellow lawmakers, or stand up for the rule of law. So we are left with a load of loons in the North Carolinian State House, and they will no doubt try this crap again someday. Unless they get schooled by their constituents beforehand, which doesn’t look all that likely.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky