Yes, you read it right, Mr. Blunt and Cranky is changing it up a wee bit this week. Still the same Crown O’ Polished Turds to anoint the skull of the week’s worthy victor, but instead of bestowing it upon a liar, we are handing it to someone whose actions well and truly match his rhetoric: Willard Mitt Romney.

Willie Boy, you may know, campaigns ofttimes against those nasty rules and regulations that so inconvenience the financial industry. He rails against Dodd-Frank and such at the drop of a campaign check. One might call this empty rhetoric, but one would be wrong.

And how does your humble correspondent know this? How can he discern the flame of truth burning beneath the amazingly odd hairdo of Mr. Mitt? Two things:

Number A: His offshore accounts and refusal to disclose information about his finances. He truly IS opposed to disclosure, transparency, and rules and regulations, and proves it by living those “values”.

Letter 2: He is holding fund-raisers in London with the poor, downtrodden victims of law and order at Barclays For a mere $75,000.00 apiece, they might crave to enter the room and hear his soothing, healing words; and see for themselves his determination to cast off the rule of law that weighs so heavily upon the multimillionaires who are so victimized by the social order.

Yessireebob, Mitt is being 100% honest when he says he wants to get rid of those pesky laws that get in the way of anyone trying to earn a few billion bucks. The first Honest Sack of S*** of The Week. Wear that crown on your European trip, Mr. Romney, the better to fit in with anyone you might happen to meet who sports similar headgear.

Mr. B & C