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Once again, we see just how screwed we are as a nation: Dems and their lassitude lost another election because too many of them were too f***ing lazy to cast a f***ing ballot. So now we have a corporate whore, lobbyist, and proto-Teabagger winning the FL-13 special election. And he won because Teabaggers and “Republicans” turn out and vote in off-year elections, but Dem voters can’t be bothered to spend a few minutes to vote, once every couple of years.

And it’s not like Democrats don’t know about the problem; Hell, the punditocracy is constantly talking about it. Obama has been bringing the issue up ad nauseum. And when Dems get off their asses, they tend to win.

But this time, the lazy left and slothful center have once again screwed the pooch by inaction. Another corrupt, lying, partisan Wingnut is headed to a Congress that is already full of such creatures. And a sensible, factual, hard-working public servant is staying in Florida.

It is the fault of lazy voters who are so stupid, unmotivated, and useless that they can’t even scribble on a piece of paper and mail it; or drive a few miles and poke at a computer screen for two minutes.

F*** all “citizens” who let us down this week. And the same for all those who do the same later this year.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

What Would Jesus Lie About? The answer would appear to be “just about everything”, if a woman goes into a taxpayer-funded Crisis Pregnancy Center and asks a question:

“When a woman walked into a state-funded “crisis pregnancy center” in Manassas, Va., this summer and told the counselor she might be pregnant, she was told that condoms don’t actually prevent STDs and that birth control frequently causes hair loss, memory loss, headaches, weight gain, fatal blood clots and breast cancer.”

And as more lies get told, the S*** gets deeper and deeper. Click the link if you can stand it.

This writer is no theologian, but he is pretty darned sure that Jesus did not advocate lying to people. Sure enough that he is handing out this week’s Crowns O’ Polished Turds to the “counselors” at these nonsense mills, and the state officials who give them permission to lie, and pay them to do so.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Obama’s Speech is, in Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s ever-so-humble opinion, a great one for anyone with an ounce of Center in their bones.

Liberals are crowing and Righties are cursing, each wing flapping away as it hears what it wants to hear. Hardly unusual, if disappointing. But the speech (read it, peeps) is not some flaming Communist Manifesto, regardless of how the pundits may try to present it as such.

No, it is a sensible, fact-based, consensus-building appeal to the values in our Constitution and the involvement of the electorate. He is saying that we the people need to do more than vote every few years: we need to follow the law of the land, and hold our “Representatives” to account.

As a proud Radical Centrist, this writer finds a lot to like in Obama’s second Inaugural Speech. Now, if the clowns in The Dizzy City Circus can actually live up to the ancient principles espoused in said address, (and we citizens make them do it) we just might be able to have a government of, by, and for the people again.

Unlikely, but possible. And well worth the effort.

Mr. B & C

To hear a few crazies on the Left tell it, this week’s election results are a sign of the impending Social Democratic Paradise on Earth. News flash: uhhhh, ermmmm, not really, no. What it was was a repudiation of the Teabagging, Randian AMFYOYO dope dreams of the Radical Right. That is something quite different from an endorsement of the Hard Left.

The majority of the American electorate is and has always been Centrist.  This despite the earnest efforts of generations’ worth of extremists of many persuasions: alas, the sad reality is that most humans don’t really give a monkey’s about the nuances of political theory. What they want from politics is to have safety, security, and to do their own thing.  So when their wealth is redistributed beyond what seems an equitable extent, they get pissy. When their freedoms are infringed beyond the extent that seems required for their security, they get a wee bit ticked off. When they are insulted, condescended to, or abused, they get hugely pissed off.

All three things were done unto them in the past few years by the Radical Right; and so they gave the Teabaggers a humiliating kick in the groin. Well-deserved it was, and quite entertaining to watch. What they did not do was to endorse a wholesale shift to the Left.

What does that mean? If the Left wants to achieve their goals, they’ll have to do it slowly, carefully, respectfully, in consultation with the Center, and above all in a way that enhances the overall freedom, safety and security of the nation. That requires a calm, grownup approach, peeps.

The last thing anyone in the Center wants to hear right now are the words “radical” or “revolutionary”. They have had a bad experience with that sort of thing of late, and anyone who tries to peddle it now will wind up with their nether regions  feeling a lot like those of Akin, Mourdock and Company.

Mr. B & C

As a Radical Centrist, Mr. Blunt and Cranky is over the moon about yesterday’s election results. In quite a few cases, the American people kicked the wingnut loons to the curb while electing more moderate politicos to office.

In the race for President, Mitt’s Tea Party-esque statements hurt him badly. In a fair few Senate races, ditto. In a good number of House races, issues, local and state offices, likewise. The American electorate, in the main, picked center-right, centrist, and center-left candidates and incumbents over fire-breathing zealots.

Of course, not everyone has gotten the message. Boehner and McConnell in particular seem to think that they still have a mandate to rape, pillage and plunder the 99%, for example.

This means that we can’t relax now that we’re done voting. The Centrist Majority needs to stay engaged and in the faces of our “representatives” if we are to see any results from the divided (but more moderate) government we elected.

Mr. B & C

There are many people advocating for a “Return to traditional America”, or something of such. Lots of people have their own Wayback Machine-induced vision of what that America used to be: for that matter, Mr. Blunt and Cranky has fond memories of his youth, and the superiority of what seemed a simpler time to that of the present day. And all things considered, he wouldn’t mind a few changes that would help restore some of the virtues of the past, without repeating some of the mistakes of the past.  (Oh, and FYI – one cannot ‘Restore Our Future’, since the future hasn’t happened yet. Duh.)

This writer would never want the segregation of his childhood to be reintroduced, for instance. Nor does he wish to see a repeat performance of the violence and carnage of the 60’s.  Revolutions can accomplish change, but lots of people get hurt or killed in the rush to achieve sudden, drastic change.  Far better to take our time, strive for consensus, and work together to change when it is really needed. That is a good working definition of conservatism: the desire to keep what is good, and carefully prune away only what is not working.

Of course, you might never know it, given the largely successful hijacking of the label, especially since the late 70’s. The “Conservative Revolutionaries” have, by dint of media ownership and strict message discipline managed to get a large number of Americans to believe that forcibly removing  most legal and societal actions ( in spite of the fact that the majority of the country approved of these things) of the past 150 years somehow equals being  “Conservative”.  Wholesale destruction of good and bad alike, the deaths of thousands and dispossession of millions in the service of the radical dreams of a crazed minority: that’s supposed to be “conservative” these days. A masterpiece of NewSpeak: Orwell would have to applaud it.

Not that the extreme Left is any more conservative than the Right, but at least the Lefties rarely claim conservatism as one of their characteristics. However, the extreme Left wants some severe additions and subtractions from the status quo that would hurt a lot of people in the creation.

No, if you want true Conservatism, you head to the Center.  The Center isn’t much on revolutionary anything, really: we are more of an evolutionary lot. The Right are a load of bomb-throwing, hairy-eyed revolutionaries. The Left want a pacifistic, kind and fluffy sort of revolution. But revolution is what both wings want, and devil take the wishes of the majority.

Much talk is made by wingnuts of how one needs to “break eggs in order to build an omelet”. The American people should all remember that we could well be the eggs that get broken. And then we’d be consumed  en masse, that being the fate of eggs and omelets.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky