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This is life in a state that is completely controlled by one of our parasitic political parties: the “Republicans” can do anything they want, to anyone they want, whenever they want. And they do, oh yes they do.

Adding to this is our Wall Street Millionaire Guv with a severe transparency allergy, John The Kasich. In the next few days, he will sign a bill that will, at minimum;

Number A: cut taxes for the rich and raise taxes on the rest of us,

Letter 2: steal more of our money to give to unaccountable charter schools,

Thirdly: erect a legal wall around the money that The Kasich has been stealing for his cronies at Jobs Ohio,

And may also include various unconstitutional laws and measures into the bargain.

That, you’ll agree, is a lot of bulls***.

You know what’s worse? We elected these partisan thieves. That, friends, is an enormously large and fetid pile of bulls***.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Just when you think you have heard it all, just when you think you can’t be shocked; just when you think you have a grasp on just how crazy people can be…the world gives you an even crazier person. So it is with the accused child-molesting teacher Esther Irene Stokes.

Ms. Stokes’ defense is truly novel: she claims that she could not have molested the girl because of her racism. Yes, that is what she says: since she hates black children, according to her “logic”, she could not have touched the child. Truly, an epic bit of “reasoning” on the part of the accused.

Of course, sexual assault is a crime of violence, not romance: so hating the person you’re accused of attacking actually makes you look even more likely to have committed the crime in question. This person would appear to be as stupid as she is predatory.

The charter school has since canned the accused, which is appropriate. But you kind of have to wonder why they’d hire a teacher who had “little or no interaction” with her black students. But that could just be ordinary incompetence: the teacher is clearly barking mad, which is worse.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the craziest, dumbest and most brain-dead sex offender in history. And the scariest part is, the world has probably already got someone who is even crazier in the on-deck circle.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky