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Pakistan just had its own version of the Newtown school massacre. Heavily-armed lunatics stormed an army-run school in Peshawar and killed lots of innocent children. And this writer has already heard more than one gun nut say this proves the need for more private gun ownership. They draw a parallel between the two killing sprees and smugly proclaim that more “good guys with guns” could have protected the kids in Peshawar.

There is a teeny-tiny problem with this “argument”: it is bulls***. Pakistan is full of gun owners, good and otherwise.

Pakistan barely regulates guns at all. Their gun culture is NRA Nirvana. In fact, the Pakistan government hands out licenses for automatic weapons to citizens who are afraid of being attacked. Hell, you can legally carry grenades and rocket launchers in some parts of the country.

Plus, the school in question is operated by the Pakistani military. Do the gun nutters really think that country’s army is a bunch of anti-gun activists? Puh-leeze.

No, Gentle Reader, what this despicable atrocity demonstrates is that guns aren’t the solution for every criminal problem. You can carry all the firepower you want on your person, and still wind up dead if some a**hole gets the drop on you. And your kids can still be killed by homicidal motherf***ers like the Taliban, Timothy McVeigh, or Adam F***ing Lanza, no matter how many guns you sell to the general population.

Security cannot be obtained by guns alone. It is a product of careful thought, law, justice, collaboration and intelligence. NONE of which the NRA bothers with.

Guns are a Constitutional right, and one which this writer believes in and exercises. Carefully and in a responsible manner, with a focus on varmint control and home defense.

The only way to keep our kids safe from gun violence is to have a society with less violence. We will never achieve that by pushing our citizens to own and carry more guns so as to be ready to commit violent acts of their own.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Governor Rick Scott of Florida, to be precise. Because of the funding cuts he ordered, dozens of innocent children were sent to live with child abusers, drug addicts, psychopaths and killers. Because of Rick Scott, these poor kids are dead.

Here is one example of his demands that children be put at risk. Scott claimed that cutting funds to the agency that is supposed to protect children was necessary to “create jobs”. He must have been thinking of jobs for undertakers, grave-diggers, and coffin makers.

And he wants more cuts. Yes, you read that correctly. Even though his hands are stained with the blood of innocent little kids, Rick Scott is OK with seeing even more of them die, so long as he and his cronies can pad their already-enormous bank accounts.

Gentle Reader, what does it say about a man, when he thinks it acceptable to add to his fortune by allowing children to suffer and die? This latter-day Ebeneezer Scrooge endorses the deaths of hundreds of Tiny Tims, but alas, there are no ghosts with sufficient power to awaken Governor Scott’s conscience. And so the children of Florida can’t count on a happy ending to their stories of anguish, privation, and abuse. Not this Christmas. Maybe never.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Another school-to-prison scam, this one in Texas. Briefly put: if you get too many absences or tardies, you go directly to jail. No defense, no nothing. Jail. With adult offenders. Even if you are as young as 12 years old. Jail. And fined hundreds of dollars.

And it’s not just “bad kids” who get treated thus: a straight-A honor student who also had to work two jobs got thrown in the slam for a day and a night with career criminals. Think about it.

In Dallas County, they have a computer programmed to file the charges without a single human interaction required. Not until they get to court, where there is limited judicial discretion available.

Of course, sometimes said discretion is a very bad thing, too: as in the school-to-privatized prisons pipeline where judges take bribes and kickbacks to imprison juveniles. One such “judge” made over a million bucks imprisoning innocent kids.

Regardless of your political persuasion, it is hard to imagine that you support this sort of state-sanctioned child abuse. But some people vote for “representatives” that DO support said abuse.

Ask yourself about the people you vote for. Because, you see, when you vote for them, they think your vote means your support for what they do.

And that means, yep, we the people are ultimately accountable for the actions of our government. Including any abusive actions they may be taking towards our children.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky