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Sorry to break it to you, Gentle Reader, but somebody had to. For all the orthodox history saying that the Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox, they have in fact continued fighting for segregation, class stratification, and other key Confederate values.

The most obvious example was the large number of Jim Crow laws imposed upon black Americans after the South “surrendered”. Pretty much slavery without the costs of feeding, housing, and clothing the oppressed black workers and their families. Apartheid, American style.

Then came the Civil Rights Movement. We made some progress then, no doubt about it. But starting in the 1980’s, the NeoConfederates have slowly and systematically worked to restore their white-supremacist system, and in fact spread it to other, non-Confederate states.

Undoing affirmative action? Check.
Rolling back voting rights for Persons of Color? Check.
Lower wages paid to black workers than whites? Check.

All of this indicates a non-coincidental trend. It is a deliberate effort to re-fight the Civil War, albeit without obvious military force. And it is succeeding. Here’s one tiny example:

Once upon a time in the Oughts, your humble correspondent had a girlfriend from a foreign country, and she traveled to America to visit, meet the family, see the sights, and so on. She really wanted to see the South, and so we spent some time there. During that sojourn, we stopped at one of Georgia’s state universities to look at dinosaur bones, and wandered into a historical exhibit about the “War of Northern Aggression” (indeed, it was thus labeled) and how bad it was for the formerly-contented slaves. This in an accredited, state-chartered university.

That was a shocker. A government-funded institution teaching and spreading lies about the Civil War. She was shocked, and so was B & C.

Since that incident knocked the scales off the eyeballs, it has become ever more apparent that the Reagan Revolution included a strong racist, neo-Secessionist component. But instead of leaving the Union, the South has decided to take the over the whole damned country.

We are still at war with the forces of racist evil, friends. And we are losing.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Enough, already. You can argue all you want about whether the Civil War was about slavery, Northern aggression, cultural differences, economic imperialism, blahblahblahbittyBLAHblah; but the war itself was the act of traitors to the United States of America. Period. Read the Constitution if you don’t believe it.

And the stars and bars are the flag of the army that fought in favor of treason, sedition, and other crimes against the Constitution. Regardless of your political feelings, that is what the flag stood for. It was not a flag that extolled the virtues of biscuits and gravy, gumbo or other truly excellent bits of Southern culture: it was the flag carried by those who wanted to burn, murder and rape in the service of their mission to overthrow a legitimately elected government.

So, if you consider yourself an “American Patriot”, just WTF are you doing, displaying the Stars and Bars?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

And it isn’t like they are trying to hide it. From the “Republican” party official who derides Democrats and “lazy blacks”, to the jackass waving a confederate flag at our black President, to the Congresscritter who compared Obama with a tar baby, the racism is out there and man, there’s a helluva lot of it.

Hell, even the KKK says that these Repubs and Teabaggers are racists. When people who count “racist” as a compliment call someone a racist, you can take that to the bank.

Not liking Obama does not make one a racist (this writer doesn’t, and isn’t, respectively). Saying racist s***, doing racist s***, and supporting racist s*** heads makes one a racist. And that is what these “conservative”, “Republican”, teabag-devouring, mouth-breathing fools with room-temperature IQs are. Racists.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky