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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you saying “how barbaric” or something of such. But to Hell with it. Rape is endemic across the globe, and even when the victim dies or has their life ruined, most of the vile scumbag perverts get off with a slap on the wrist, or are not punished at all.

And because our “justice” system constantly sends the message that rape is no big deal by handing out little or no punishment for crimes of sexual violence, men think it’s OK to rape. Our smirking, winking, jocular, nudge-nudge cultural attitude towards rape is also a part of the problem. India provides a sharp departure from this sickening norm.

The four men who raped and murdered that poor woman in New Delhi will die by hanging. Yes. Rope around the neck, open the trapdoor, and the guilty party dangles and struggles until he dies. A horrible and painful death.

And one that is deserved. Ask any woman who has been raped what she had to endure, and you will realize that it was far, far worse than a few minutes (or less) of dancing on air. So why do we not mete out harsh punishment to rapists?

It’s because we are supposedly more enlightened, more virtuous, more moral, and above all that primitive eye-for-an-eye vengeance stuff. And in most cases, a more progressive attitude is probably best. But not for serious, heinous, subhuman crimes. In a few cases, something cruel and unusual is required.

Many men simply do not understand that rape is bad, and all the fluffy “we are all good people deep down” pop psychology BS won’t change that. What will change it is meting out harsh, brutal, painful, public justice that admits of no ambiguity. Hang the rapists. And if that doesn’t  work, keep hanging the useless, mama-threw-away-the-baby-and-raised-the-afterbirth raping pervert f***s until the message is well and truly understood: rape is a horrible crime, and you’d better not do it.

Unless, of course, you prefer the status quo.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Oh, and by the way, they are blaming the barely-teenaged girl for it.

First, they raped her. Then they and their fellow scumball pervert friends took to Twitter to gang-rape her again via social media .

Fortunately, these two cowardly, needle-dicked child abusers are 18 years old, and will be tried as adults. That means they’ll do more time, and harder time.

Here’s hoping the authorities drop the hammer on these two loathsome kiddie rapists, and that they get back what they gave once they are locked up.

Mr. B & C