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And the foxy feasting has continued ever since. Not all that surprising, really: it’s a secretive organization that takes millions of taxpayer dollars and does secret things with them; is immune from auditing by the State Auditor; is staffed by cronies of the Guv; and can only be policed by itself. Oh, and it hasn’t done any policing of itself as yet:

The stench is getting to be so bad, even the Columbus Dispatch is reporting on it (see the above link). A few choice quotes:

JobsOhio officials will double-check to make sure everyone is adhering to state law after the Ohio Ethics Commission determined yesterday that an unspecified number of employees have possible conflicts of interest.

This is because no one else is allowed to know what is going on behind closed doors:

The notices stemmed from a standard review by the ethics commission staff of financial disclosure statements for 2012 and 2011. The ethics staff goes over the business ties, investments and other key information on the forms and contacts each of those entities to see if they had any dealings with JobsOhio. Where those areas match is often a possible conflict.

JobsOhio board members are supposed to bring any potential conflict of interest to their fellow board members, who make the final determination if any actual conflict exists and whether the member should be excused from further participation. Dispatch review of the portion of JobsOhio board meeting minutes made public shows no record of any consideration of possible conflicts of interest, which Jones says shows there were none.

Got that? Even though there are documented instances of JobsOhio board members (and even the Governor) getting money from companies getting breaks and goodies from JobsOhio, they aren’t interested in investigating any conflicts of interest, because, they say, there aren’t any. Even though there, well, ARE.

And no one is allowed to check up on them. Because, when the 100% “Republican” Ohio state government created this slush fund for their cronies new agency, they made it shadowy, secret, and untraceable.  A perfect vehicle for people to steal the taxpayers’ hard-earned. And oh, how they are stealing:

This is what one-party rule looks like. If we are going to be afflicted by political parties, let’s at least have divided government so as to keep our “representatives” somewhat honest. Or else we will continue to see these corrupt mother***ers walking around with chicken feathers stuck in their teeth.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky


This is Sunshine Week, which is devoted to making the government more open, transparent and accountable to we the people. Corruption being a particular hobby horse for Mr. Blunt and Cranky, this blog shall ride it all week long. Today, we look at how the gummint takes our money and does secret s*** therewith. As an example we shall justly pillory the Governor of Ohio, John Kasich.

The Kasich has a habit of keeping secrets. This wasn’t a problem on Wall Street, where he made more than a million bucks before and during the Bush Market Crash. But, as Mitt Romney learned during his run for President, the public has an annoying habit of demanding their elected officials answer questions. The Kasich really, really hates this.

Most recently, the Auditor of the State of Ohio, David Yost has been asking what happened to a few million dollars of taxpayer money that went to cronies of The Kasich via the Jobs Ohio boondoggle. You know, he’s auditing, which we pay auditors to do. The Kasich threw an enormous s*** fit, saying that the auditor has no right to audit a private business. Said private business, mind you, has a few mill of our hard-earned dollars in its invisble accounts, but Little Johhny K. thinks that is none of our needlenosing business.

Hell, people, these unelected, unsupervised business buddies of The Kasich could have stashed our money in off shore bank accounts like Mitt Romney and Bernie Madoff do, and we’d never know. And if the Guv has his way, we never will know.

Leopards don’t change their spots, and sneaks don’t become open, honest virtuous citizens either. Since the voters of Ohio were idiotic enough to elect a millionaire con man as the state’s chief executive, we need to at least support Mr. Yost in finding out who has stolen what from us, and what they have done with our money. Or people like The Kasich will keep more secrets, steal more of our money, and screw us even more thoroughly.

Mr. B & C