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Really, Teapublicans hate Reality. “Republicans” pretend that basic math like 2+2 is negotiable. They say things are in the Bible that aren’t, and ignore things that ARE in the Bible. The GOPee would have you believe that scientific facts are debatable.

This “denial-based” approach to reality has lots of consequences. By denying biology and human sexuality,the Teavangelical “abstinence only” approach has caused STD epidemics and lots of unintended underaged pregnancies. By denying history, Trickle-Down economics has beggared the many and fattened the few. By denying science, whole nations are being wiped out by climate change, and more damage is occurring on a daily basis.

By denying the Constitution, a partisan “republican” Supreme Court illegally installed Gee Dubya Bush in the White House. By denying the facts, that illegitimate “president” allowed 9/11 to happen. By denying MORE facts, that same individual launched an illegal war that killed thousands of people and squandered billions of dollars. And so on. And on. AND on.

Those who vote for Teapubbies are even further divorced from reality (except for the .1 % crooks): because even though their jobs and money are gone, their women abused, their fields parched and their homes foreclosed upon, millions of Americans continue voting for Repubs. Because they deny the reality that their lives have been drowned in GOP Elephant s***.

Reality cannot be denied forever. Sooner or later, the facts will have their triumph. And all the denial one cares to create and perpetuate will accomplish naught in the end: nothing, that is, but even greater destruction, death, and human misery.

Reality is calling. Pick up the damned phone, America.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Yes, that hypocritical parasite is lapping up luxury in Switzerland at our expense. This after telling unemployed Americans that there was no money for them.

It is time for America’s hard-working citizens to realize this truth: we send billions upon billions to these lying leeches in our taxes, and they blow our money on luxury trips, private barbers, and shovel millions of dollars to their billionaire buddies. And then they tell us that the country is broke. Bull-f***ing-s***. We aren’t broke at all. There is a lot of money there.

But the money is wasted and stolen by the “trickle-down” crowd in Congress. A perfect example: Cantor’s luxurious trip to Davos will cost more in a day than an unemployed person will get in six months.

Repeat: Eric Cantor’s luxurious trip to Davos will cost more in one single day than a REAL hard-working American’s unemployment benefits would cost for half a year.

Sick of Teapublicans yet? Then for crying out loud, stop f***ing voting for them.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Facts are awesome things. For all the screeching from the Boehner Brigade and Marching McConnells, we do not have an enormous increase in spending. Obama is, in fact, the biggest tightwad Prexy since Eisenhower.

Click the link and read the article. Here’s one little quote:

A Congressional Budget Office study released today forecasts that the annual U.S. budget gap — the difference between what the government collects in revenue every year and what it spends — will fall this year to $642 billion. That’s $200 billion less than the non-partisan forecasting arm of Congress was predicting only three months ago and down sharply from the deficit levels that swelled as the economy contracted following the housing crash.

The aforementioned article came out in May, but the Teapublicans are STILL pretending they don’t know it. This is because they don’t give a monkey’s about the truth: all they are interested in is raking in the dough from those who bribe them. And if lying about the country’s finances gets their wallets stuffed, “Republicans” will lie the sun our of the sky.

Remember the shrinking deficit as the Teapublicans scream about the “urgent” need for deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and other vital programs. There is no urgent need to cut such costs. None. Zip. Nada. Ixnay.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

The “Republicans” who control the House of “Representatives” are once again threatening to refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless their whiny, silly, pouting, and just generally idiotic demands du jour are met. In this case, it’s a demand that ObamaCare be destroyed. A  ridiculous demand, of course, but that’s not how deep the rabbit hole of stupid goes.

Here’s the deal: Congress spends money. They are responsible for the amount of taxing and spending.  That means they are responsible for the amount of the national debt. That means they are responsible for the need to raise the debt ceiling.

“But ObamaCare”, the Wingnuts cry. News flash: Congress voted for it. That means they’re responsible for the funding that they voted for. Not the Prexy, not the courts: that’s what’s called the Separation of Powers. Congress holds the power of the purse, and for years they have been using that power in a most irresponsible manner.

Yes, the debt is too high. But that is no reason for Congress to try to weasel out of paying the bills they have run up over the decades. No, that is a reason to adjust tax and spending policy to bring the national debt down in the future,

The law of the land says the U.S. Government has to pay its bills. If Congress refuses to do so, they will be in violation of the law.  And only Congress will be responsible. No one else. It’s their fault for spending more than they take in.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky


This showed up on a friend’s feed, and the Cranky One just had to post it here. Because with all the Benghazi/IRS/NSA brouhahi, it’s a good bet you haven’t heard about it. In less than four years, Obama has cut the budget deficit he inherited from the Shrub in half. That’s right, a “tax and spend Democrat” is a better money manager than a “conservative Republican”. Don’t believe it? Tough rocks, pal, here are the numbers:

Nor is it the first time. Clinton did the same thing to another Bush deficit, if you’ll bother to remember.

It is time for us to throw away the old labels and advertising slogans, and look at the facts. And the facts say, without equivocation, that modern Democrats spend less and tax less than do modern “Republicans”. Shocking, yes. But true. You want to pay less in taxes? Vote for Dems. Believe it or not.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has a tendency to throw gauntlets. Part of that is a personality trait, and part of it is designed to promulgate his viewpoint. When one issues a challenge, one must accept that the “challenge-ee” will pick the glove up and whup it right back at the challenger. And so it goes.

In some cases, the replies are piles of neatly arranged facts (real or alleged), with which the combatants duel away. This usually happens with economics and other quantifiable topics. But there are done subjects that are not as easily proven or disproven, and that’s where we can’t always settle on a common view.

For example: last Saturday’s post about Steubenville , in which this writer threw down on the town for their lack of action in the face of a truly horrific rape crime spree.

A lot of responses came back, alleging bias, assumptions, tendentiousness, and so forth. All reasonable thoughts, and worthwhile discussion topics. However, no one came back with any proof to counter the original post: rather, the replies were either themselves based on inference and anecdotal evidence, or were naught but ad hominem attacks.

It is always possible that your humble correspondent is full of s***. If you can prove that 90 % of Steubenvillians are in fact bravely and loudly fighting back against the rape culture that permeates their city, just forward your evidence along and a full retraction will be published.

Bring it. It would be good to be proven wrong on this topic.

Mr. B & C

One trick politicians use to bamboozle the taxpaying public is to take certain expenses “off the books”. The numbers are then not added to the “on the books” total. This allows the lying bounders to pretend that they are wasting less of our hard-earned than they actually are.

Regrettably, this plays into a very common psychological trait of humans: if we don’t see it over here, we kinda sorta forget it’s really right there. Rather like setting your watch or alarm clock five minutes fast to make sure you aren’t running late (full disclosure: Mr. Blunt and Cranky does this).

We bring this up today to remind everyone about the origins of the federal budget deficit. It is a favored rhetorical technique of politicos to select certain portions of the truth to create better lies. This example: the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were, during the Reign O’ The Shrub, kept off the books. This allowed the administration to claim that the budget deficit was lower than it really was.

When Obama came in, he put the wars on the books, which appeared to add hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit: of course, it did no such thing. The actual deficit was unchanged by this rare act of transparency. But the politicians have used it as a cudgel ever since by claiming that Obama raised the deficit yadayadayada.

Gentle Readers, watch out for this little shell game when your “representatives” give you an “accounting” of how they are “managing” your money. On or off the books, we still have to pay their bills eventually.

Mr. B & C

…you know, like the pundits and media were saying would happen if he got elected. And then the Congress said ever since he got elected. And then the same thing after he got re-elected. Still no destroyed economy. In fact, the economy seems to keep getting better and better.

So…if the economy hasn’t  been destroyed like they said it would…maybe Obama isn’t the stinking Kenyan socialist they said he was?

Naaaaaah. Don’t be ridiculous.

Mr. B & C

Lots of people would have you believe that Obama has created a record-breaking budget deficit, and that he is also, all by his little lonesome,  responsible for the enormous national debt. Neither is true. Part of the reason so many people believe these lies stems from a lack of understanding of what the Hell they are talking about.

The deficit is an annual number based on the budget passed by Congress and signed by the President. The debt is a total number that spans years, perhaps decades of previous Administrations and Congresses. Got it? 

Here are the actual numbers: (This page shows budget defecits. You can click the “Debt” to see that information.)

And the actual numbers show that Obama is CUTTING THE BUDGET DEFICIT, AND SLOWING THE RATE OF INCREASE IN THE NATIONAL DEBT. It matters not one bucket of warm spit what crap you have heard from Rush Limbaugh, Fox “News” or your “representatives”, much less the lazy-arsed hacks that pass for “reporters” these days.

The Debt is not the Deficit. The first is going up, and  the second is going down. Both suck, but the Congress and the President are slowly dealing with them both. Now that you know the facts, quitcherbitchin. And tell your friends the truth, because they sure as Hell won’t hear it from the media or Congress.

Mr. B & C


Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s best friend is a veteran. A decorated combat veteran. And Bush The Smarter laid his ass off, screwing him out of the retirement bennies that he so richly deserved (they called it a “reduction in force”, but a layoff by any other name still stinks). Support our troops? Not so much. That friend got fired by bean-counters, and never mind what promises had been made to him by his government.

Right now, Congressional “Republicans” are ready, willing and intending to screw our military six ways from Sunday, all because the Repubs want to score points on the President over Sequestration. Support our troops? Not if they can be used and abused by cynical hacks on Capitol Hill.

Our veterans are denied the health care they need, the support they deserve, and the respect they have earned. After sacrificing everything for us, they are kicked to the curb with only a “thank you” (if that). And gratitude is worth its weight in gold. (Think about that one, you’ll get it.)

Here’s one example: the guy who killed Bin Laden is unemployed. Yes, you read that right: one of the best American warriors has gotten so little support that he can’t pay his bills:Support our troops? Yeah, right.

Mr. B & C