And they are vigorously pursuing the case, the bastards. The infant died because the umbilical cord was wrapped around its neck, 4 weeks before the due date. The young mother was traumatized, as you can imagine. Then the state decided that since she might possibly have had cocaine in her system, she was a horrible murdering scumbucket, and proceeded to charge her with murder.

Even though cocaine was never found in her system. Even though cocaine does not cause umbilical cords to strangle fetuses. Even though, in other words, there was no evidence to suggest a crime had been committed. Mississippi decided she was guilty as hell and indicted her.

A judge just called “bulls***” on these, well, bulls**** charges and threw the case out of court. The persecutor prosecuter is gonna try again. Why, you ask? Why would a “public servant” pursue such a case with no evidence of a crime or legal justification? Here’s why:

Number A, it’s Mississippi, and
Letter 2, here is a picture of the young lady being victimized by the DA:
Pretty much all you need to know about “why”, innit? F*** that DA.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky