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Really, people, come on. A party full of corrupt, seditious, hypocritical, mendacious motherf***ers was given expanded power by America’s Idiot Electorate,and they are doing just what they promised to do. In the first day or so of “Republican” control, they have:

Number A, elected a KKK-loving white supremacist to a senior leadership position;

Letter 2, tried to destroy a vital part of Social Security,

Thirdly, tried to once again violate the Constitution’s separation of powers by pushing foward to a vote “approving” the Keystone XL pipeline.

And that was in a matter of hours, with lots more to come. Nobody should be surprised: all of these things (secessionism, classism, racism, corruption and greed) have been core GOPee values for decades now. They said, over and over, that they would gut the social security system, throw the environment in the crapper, oppress people of color, and steal our money to give to their 1% cronies. Now they are fulfilling their promises.

America, you knew this would happen, and most of you either helped it happen, or sat back and let it happen. Unless you, personally, were either: not allowed to vote; or voted so as to defeat each and every Teapubbie in each and every race when last you cast a ballot, it’s partly your f*** ing fault.

We are all about to suffer because many Americans are: stupid; evil: lazy; or some combination of the three. Just don’t try to convince this writer that you are shocked. You’re not. We all knew what it would mean if the Repubs took control, and now they have control.

We’re all about to be f***ed. They told us they would f*** us, and they are now dropping trou and bending the lot of us over their desks. Surprising? Not at all.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Recently, Repubs in the United States Senate voted down a bill that would guarantee equal rights for disabled people, internationally and nationally. Present and accounted for on the Senate floor was former Senator Bob Dole, who was greeted politely to his face and then stabbed viciously in the back by a whole pile of “Republicans” (you know, people from his own party) who shat all over a treaty negotiated by another of their own – Gee Dubya Bush. Why did this happen?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has an idea: Bob Dole is a disabled war veteran (he got machine-gunned nearly to death during WW II); an honorable man; a productive legislator; someone who respected those with whom he disagreed; and above all, a patriot. Everything, in short, that the modern “Republican” party no longer believes in or represents. Bob Dole is not “one of them”.

And if you’re not one of them, you’re the enemy.  That, if you like, is partisan politics today, Elephant Style (feel free to steal this phrase and do a Gangnam Style parody).

For a man like that to be treated so is not just disgusting; it shows that the modern “Republican” party is, at its core, un-American. Think about it: what is more American than showing respect for a man who nearly died fighting for our country?

And is there anything less American than telling that man that he does not deserve to be treated as a full citizen of the country he almost died for?

Mr. B & C