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People can really make you want to puke sometimes. Rehtaeh Parsons was gang-raped by her classmates: the community and the Mounties did nothing. Then she was subjected to so much abuse and bullying that she killed herself, the community played chorus, and the Mounties didn’t do much of anything. Now the rapists and their supporters in the community are STILL trying to make it all her fault via Facebook pages and flyers stuck to utility poles. And the Mounties, again, do nothing.

This is what happens to rape victims. It happens every day. The only difference in this case is that the parents are demanding justice, and Anonymous is helping them. Otherwise, we’d not have heard of this at all.

Clearly, the rape fans in Nova Scotia (like those in Steubenville and Torrington) hate young women and love young boys. They love violent sex crimes and hate the rule of law. They hate good and love evil. They want to be rapists themselves and instead live vicariously through the rapes committed by the rapists they support. There really isn’t any other way to explain their behavior.

The flyers and the (now-defunct) Facebook page say things like “there are two sides to every story”. With all due respect to the rape cheerleaders, the boys’ side of the story has been out there since shortly after they brutally gang-raped Ms. Parsons. Indeed, their side has been so loudly and frequently aired, the girl killed herself. What other “information” do these raping, bullying, murdering pieces of s*** have for us?

No, this is another example of people with sick, twisted, violent hatred of young women trying to blame the victim for the crimes committed against her. And to prove how demented and cowardly these sick f***s are : they are blaming a girl they helped to put in the grave.

If there is any more despicable type of human animal on the face of the Earth than someone who spits on the grave of someone they helped to kill?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

While we’re busting America’s chops about racism, let’s bust these racist honkey motherf***ers and their Facebook page.

Oh, and here’s the lonk to the full site:

By the bye, if you call them racist, they say that makes YOU a racist. What a bunch of idiots.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

This is the “White History” Facebook page, a page which claims not to be racist. Nonono, they are not racist at all, notatallnonono, they are are merely providing a resource for the “oppressed white people of America” or some such nonsensical twaddle. Jesus f***ing Christ in a teapot, really?

Come on, people, we honkies are in no way, shape or form victims, and bulls*** pages like this one are based on a delusional, crybaby wahwahwah version of reality that has nothing to do with facts. White people own the majority of the nation’s wealth, we own the institutions and have the power in almost every aspect of American life. We don’t need a “white history month”, because 90% of history is already about white people.

So why have such a page, then? One word: racism. Stop cowering, ferchrissakes, man, buck up. Own it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has some hilljack relatives still living in hollers, and they are some racist mofos, make no bones about it. But they, unlike these wussie-boys on Facebook and elsewhere own their racism. They admit to hating “them n*****s, spics, wops and chinks”, and think they should all “go back where they came from”. Disgusting, yes (we are not close to that part of the family, to put it mildly), but honest.

There’s a lot of girly-men (likeBrad Paisley, who, quivering little daisies that they are, want to keep their racism without having to admit to it. They can call it “accidental”, they can call it “white history”, but that is a load of bull by-products. They are racists.

Almost everyone knows that the Confederate flag is a racist symbol, just like the Swastika is. If you wear either, you are wearing a racist symbol. And that makes you a racist.

An old saying:”lie to everyone but your doctor or your lawyer”. To that we should add “or yourself”. If you are going to be a racist, you should at least have the testicular fortitude to admit it to yourself. Because the rest of us can see that you are a racist. And a coward.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Recently the New York Times did a piece on the Torrington CT rape cases, and it exposed some serious underlying reasons for our nation’s problem with rape culture. Disturbing reasons.

There were the usual revolting attitudes towards sexual assault, of course: victim-blaming, slut-shaming, you know the steaming loads of donkey bollocks that rape apologists throw around. And there was something said by one Kenneth Traub, chairman of the Board of education. Something that shows just how out of touch adults have become.

He said, quoting here; “I put no weight in any comments made online. I don’t believe in Facebook. I don’t believe in Twitter”. Meaning by this that anything said over social media is unimportant.

You got that? Since he doesn’t use these tools, they have no value. This is, of course, antediluvian bulls***: such postings are court-admissible evidence, for crying out loud. Indeed, two Steubenville rapists are currently doing time after being convicted based partly on social media postings.

Because of this stupid a** hole’s willful ignorance, not a single student has been brought up before a special board that was set up by less-clueless adults. The board is to deal with cyber-bullying. And since Mr. Traub does not believe in cyber-anything, he will not use the tools available to solve the problem. And so the problem continues to get worse.

These are the people who are supposed to educate our children. People who are deliberately choosing not to live in the same world their students inhabit. And they wonder why they aren’t getting their message across? Christ on a trampoline, really?

Memo to Mr. Traub, and all who think like he does: you are failing us, you are failing our children, and you bear part of the blame for the sexual assaults perpetrated upon our daughters. You carry this guilt because you choose not to take the actions required to address the problems of the real world in which our girls get raped.

And because you choose not to address the problem, you are, effectively, accessories to rape. Your mothers would be so proud.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Oh, and by the way, they are blaming the barely-teenaged girl for it.

First, they raped her. Then they and their fellow scumball pervert friends took to Twitter to gang-rape her again via social media .

Fortunately, these two cowardly, needle-dicked child abusers are 18 years old, and will be tried as adults. That means they’ll do more time, and harder time.

Here’s hoping the authorities drop the hammer on these two loathsome kiddie rapists, and that they get back what they gave once they are locked up.

Mr. B & C

Ohio Attorney General (yes, the title is “General”) Mike DeWine is kicking asses and taking names again today: two idiotic teenaged s***-for-brains dolts are in the slam after threatening the victim of the recently concluded rape case.

Leaving aside the tacit incitement caused by CNN and other pro-rapist media, these kids are symptoms of a larger problem in their community. Here’s hoping that this arrest gets the attention of the locals. Because so far, not much seems to have done so.

Kudos to General DeWine and the rest of the team that is at work on this cesspool of rape freaks.

Mr. B & C