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The infantile Infantine pretty much called women lazy. He doesn’t think we should all get the same pay for the same work, you see. Which is why he said, and we quote:

“Men by and large make more because of some of the things they do. Their jobs are, by and large, more riskier,” Infantine, a former chairman of the Manchester Republican Committee, said on Wednesday, as captured by progressive advocacy group Granite State Progress. “They don’t mind working nights and weekends. They don’t mind working overtime, or outdoors in the elements.”

In response to an outburst from colleagues objecting to the Hillsborough Republican’s remarks, Infantine responded, “It’s not me!”

“Men work five or six hours longer a week than women do. When it comes to women and men who own businesses … women make half of what men do because of flexibility of work, men are more motivated by money than women are,” Infantine said, noting that facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics validate his claims. “Guys! I’m not making this stuff up!”

And he’s not backing down, nor is he providing any citations of these supposed statistics. Of course. A link to a video of the sexist little tyke is herein case you cannot believe anyone could actually say such crap.

Of course, he is full of s*** even according to his own “logic”: if you pay the same hourly rate, and women work fewer hours, you’d prove your point. But he wants to pay women a smaller hourly rate, so his case makes no sense at all. You truly cannot make this s*** up.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

No matter how many bumper stickers you may have seen, America does not have a “liberal media”. Nor does it have a “conservative media”. What we have, gentle readers, is a commercial media. Since the Reagan era, our media has been based on profitability, not ideology.

You can argue the last point, perhaps: there is a possible chicken/egg scenario (did profitability drive the conservative domination of media, or did the conservative dominance drive profit?). But you can’t prove a liberal bias, because the facts prove otherwise.

You also cannot dismiss the influence of profit on “news” since the Reaganistas did away with the Fairness Doctrine. The “infotainment” industry demands high ratings so as to make money from advertisers. For the past few decades, putting a ” conservative” slant in things has been the most reliable way to get ratings, which is why there has been no “liberal bias”. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Mr. B & C