Here’s a big surprise: , an article showing that the “Republican” party is so deeply beholden to the Teabaggers and Fundagelicals that it is going to keep on with the starve-the-poor-to-feed-the-rich, put-the-women-in-burkas, hate-the-swarthy-people agenda that cost it so dearly in the last election.

At the Faith and Freedom Coalition convention this week, Elephant after Elephant trumpeted the message of intolerant, hateful, unconstitutional garbage that voters emphatically rejected last November. Even after taking such a whipping, these fools refuse to see the obvious: they are a minority and the majority disagrees with them. “This call for us to silence ourselves and to stop speaking about the values that we know work is a big mistake” says Marco Rubio. (Note to Marcy Marc: you might “know” they work, but the evidence says they don’t. But hey, you don’t believe in objective reality or even science, so why should we be surprised when you ignore evidence? )

And it is not just random rants at a Klann-ish Konference: in Ohio, the legislature is poised to screw over the poor, the working poor, women, minorities and pretty much everyone who hasn’t paid them off with the new budget. State after state, legislatures are passing woman-hating legislation that gives fat old rich white guys the right to control the bodies of women they haven’t even met. And yes, the Repubs still hate them some gays, non-whites and immigrants. And they show this hatred with their actions.

Ya know, Mr. Blunt and Cranky used to play bass solos: after he noticed that the audience hated them, he stopped playing them. Bill Clinton used to stop for greasy cheeseburgers on his daily jogs: after he had a few bypasses done, he stopped eating them. Pretty simple to do, right? You see that what you’re doing isn’t working, and you stop. But are the “Republicans” aware of this simple truth? No. No, they aren’t.

Democrats will likely be cheering this stupidity, since it’ll make it easier for them to win elections. But the rest of us, the majority of Americans who belong to neither one party nor the other, aren’t cheering: it means that the important things we need the government to do (and that we are paying them to do) won’t get done, because the Repubs are too busy with their anti-“social” issues to do any real work (you know, like building roads, paying cops and fire fighters, little things like that).

Yes, even though it doesn’t work for anybody, the ‘Phants will keep on with the racial prejudice, woman-oppressing, immigrant-hating bulls*** for the foreseeable future: because, you see, in their little bubble of faith-based “facts”, THEY think it actually does work. There is none so blind and all that.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky