Three points, one for each useless and ridiculous party:

Number A: the “Small Government Republicans” who want to vastly expand the ability of said government to monitor the speech, sex lives, and other hitherto private activities of American citizens.

Letter Two: the Democrats, who change their tune so often, they’re like an ADHD karaoke singer on Meth.

Thirdly: the Libertarians, who believe that the world is a jungle, in which Darwinian rules apply, which means that one must be rapacious and aggressive so as to thin the herd of weak and ethical humans. They simultaneously believe that every one of us is basically good, kind, charitable and decent; so no regulations on our behavior are required.

Conclusion: none of these parties can be relied upon to support the citizens of the nation. Instead, they are using the system to usurp power and wealth from we the people: just like President Washington told us they would.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky