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All across the USA, people have been pointing judgemental fingers at McKinney, Texas: pointing at the town’s racism, pointing at the town’s homophobia, and pointing at the town’s police misconduct. All such fingers implying a certain superiority on the locale of those doing the pointing.

And those assumptions of superiority are, of course, misguided at best and lies at worst. Let’s take a few of McKinney’s recent “sins” and see how our states, cities, and neighborhoods stand up in comparison, shall we? Oh yes, yes we shall:

Homophobia: Kids who wore t-shirts supporting a bullied friend were harassed, publicly shamed, and otherwise penalized for having the words “Gay OK” on their shirts. The bullies were not, and have not, been punished. Think your town’s schools administrators are better? Probably not.

Racism: White people caused the recent dustup at that pool party, and let’s not pretend otherwise, OK? The white 911 caller was a racist (and has a criminal record), and the white woman who started the pool party fight is an obviously racist POS. Neither of them got so much as a glance from the idiot cop who pummeled an innocent black teen.
Think your town is better? Maybe it is, but probably not.

And let’s not even get STARTED on police misconduct, OK? Just check out the nationwide stats on skin-color-based differences in how law enforcement treats our citizens. No place is immune.

Yes, McKenney has racists, bigots, and crazy cops. So too does Ferguson. And, Staten Island. And, Cleveland. And so too does America as a whole: a wonderful, but deeply f***ed-up country. Until we realize that racism, homophobia, bigotry and other forms of hatred infest our nation from coast to coast and top to bottom, we’ll never get this place cleaned up.

Instead of pointing fingers at others, let’s put our digits to work. fixing our own problems.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Both have said it straight out, Gentle Reader, so this is not Cranky hyperbole.  Let’s start with Ducky Daddy , OK? He said this to Sean Hannity just yesterday: “I’m just saying either convert them or kill them”. There’s video at the link if you don’t believe it.

ISIS, the “Too Crazy even for Al-Quaida Brigade”, kill people from other religions. And they have been doing it. Hopefully, Duckie Boy and his faux-redneck crew of TeaVangelicals aren’t doing THIS in their swamps (yet):

As previously reported, ISIS gave villagers the choice of converting to Islam or facing death. Everyone in the village, whose name is also spelled “Kocho,” chose conversion. Everyone, that is, except their sheikh.

The one man’s refusal was enough to push ISIS militants over the edge, Reuters reports. After looting the village, they loaded the men into buses and took them to the middle of the desert, where they shot them.

That, Cranky Nation, is exactly what “Christians” like Phil Robertson will do if they can take over. It’ll be “Kiss the Cross or be kissed by a sword”. Oh, and you had better be the RIGHT kind of Christian: Presbyterians are considered just as Hellbound as Moslems to crazy f***ers like the Ducksters, so this writer’s head would be rolling down the street, too. Likely yours would as well.

It’s time and past time to remind our country that we ALL have freedom of religion. Nobody should be threatened with death because of their faith. NOBODY. Nowhere. Never. Phil Robertson should take his Bin Laden Beard overseas and join ISIS. The murderous lunatic would fit right in.

Heck, he could star in the next video as he beheads a journalist. Even better propaganda value than a cowardly Brit who is too scared to take his mask off while killing bound, unarmed infidels.


Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Believe it or not, there are lots of fundagelical nutjobs who think God wants women who are raped to be forced to have babies: even if it will kill them, maim them, cripple them for life and so on.  This is because they think that babies are pure and innocent until birth, after which moment they become miserable scumbucket sinners (really, they do believe this). So, even if a woman is raped (or a child is raped, even), it is God’s will that that sinful female be forced to give birth to that sacred child, even if she dies in the process (yes, these whackadoodles think that, too).

It is bad enough that these fringe religious cultists hold and promulgate such hateful, venom-filled views, but it gets worse: a LOT worse. The Republican Party also believes this and is busily working to make this froot-loop theology (apologies to the froot-loop cereal people) the law of the land. Note that they are not bothering with stricter laws or greater punishment for the rapists: only stomping upon the women who are the victims of these horrific crimes.

Adding insult to injury, republicans of all stripes are upping their lunacy game of late: by trying to claim that there are different types of rape, that women can magically expel rapist sperm from their wombs, by saying that rapist sperm is a gift from God, and that none of this really matters anyway, because you should be required by Sharia Christian Law to carry the rapist’s baby to term even if it kills you.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky is not making this up, nor is he exaggerating one wee bit. Click the links below:

Republicans want to tell you, your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, wives, daughters, or any female of any age that God is OK with their being raped,  and that they are to bear the children of rapists. And they also don’t care if the woman is crippled or killed, nor will they pay a dime for her medical care. Finally, they don’t seem to be much concerned with the lousy, stinking, scumball criminal himself, since all they do is bellow like the bloated pachyderms they are about those women who are faking rape, or were asking for it, or how Original Sin makes females responsible for whatever heinous crime was committed against them.

This writer finds this to be the second craziest bunch of hogwash he has heard in many a year. In fact, there is only one thing that is crazier:

Women who know all of this and still vote for Republicans. Now, that, my friends, is barking madness of the highest order.

Mr. B & C