“So,” the Cranky One hears you ask, “what does an actor’s wedding have to do with policy”?. Quite a lot in this case. You see, Jim Nabors is gay, and has been in a relationship for 38 years.

38 years of being denied insurance benefits, access in emergencies, all the basic rights that married straights like this writer take for granted. Full disclosure: Mr. & Mrs. Blunt and Cranky have been married for a far shorter period of time than have Mr. and Mr. Nabors. But we have more legal rights than they have had. How messed up is that?

True to form, the legendary actor did not whine or preach. He just flew to Seattle and got hitched . Why Seattle? Because the smart folks in Washington State legalized equal marriage rights for gay folk. That is where the policy piece comes in.

You see, the Constitution says not one word about gays. So any law that discriminates against them is (you guessed ‘er, Chester) unconstitutional. More and more citizens, states, localities and jurists are acknowledging this simple fact and updating policies to reflect the law.

Bravo to The Nabors, Seattle, and any other people or places that live out the “created equal” phrase in our founding documents.

Mr. B & C