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Please note that the states with the suckiest job-creation records are run by the GOP. NOT a coincidence.

The Cranky fam is on vacation, so such posting as occurs over the next week will be short. But not sweet.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Though you wouldn’t know it from all the doom and gloom emanating from the wingnut whores pundits of the Right, over nine million more of the American people now have health insurance, thanks entirely to President Obama and Democrats (the GOP, you will remember, voted for none of it). From the article:

The long-awaited Rand Corp. study of Obamacare’s effect on health insurance coverage was released Tuesday and confirmed the numbers that had been telegraphed for more than a week: At least 9.3 million more Americans have health insurance now than in September 2013, virtually all of them as a result of the law.

That’s a net figure, accommodating all those who lost their individual health insurance because of cancellations. The Rand study confirms other surveys that placed the number of people who lost their old insurance and did not or could not replace it — the focus of an enormous volume of anti-Obamacare rhetoric — at less than 1 million. The Rand experts call this a “very small” number, less than 1% of the U.S. population age 18 to 64.

Rand is not some rinky-dinky outfit: they have been around for decades and are the uber-competent and impartial number-crunching outfit. They don’t give a rat’s fart about which party is in power, because they know both Repubs and Dems need them.

Compared with the idiotic, fact-challenged, hyper-partisan punditocracy, Punditocracy, there really isn’t much of a choice to be made here: facts rule, and blowhards drool.

The ACA is working, and facts prove it. Anybody who says otherwise is a liar or an idiot. Either way, they lose.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

…does NOT mean “War on the Poor”?

It’s been 50 years, and the “Republican” party STILL hasn’t figured that out. Eedjits.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Sometimes, the bulls*** is truly epic. Ron Johnson, “Republican” Senator from the great state of Insanity, went magnificently bugf*** crazy this week at the FundieFest.

Yes, this man thinks that we should hate and fear our government. Really. He also says the Founding Fathers felt the same way.

Ya know, people who build houses rarely hate and fear houses. People who hate and fear booze rarely go into the Bourbon business. But in JohnsonLand, people who hate and fear governments build, well, governments.

Not just a liar, but crazy into the bargain. Ron Johnson, here’s your Crown O’ Polished Turds. (Sorry, we don’t have anything for nutjobs, just liars. See a doctor for the crazy. Please.)

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Mr. Blunt and Cranky was not surprised at Speaker John Boehner’s weekend statement announcing that banning abortion was his priority in 2013. Disgusted, yes. But not surprised. Anyone who thought the “Republican” party had learned thing one from the shellacking they took last fall should now be on notice that their hopes have been dashed.

After riding a tsunami of vituperative, irrational, ill-considered and short-sighted (Mr. Magoo could see farther than these yutzes can) rhetoric and actions for the past 4+ years, the Repubs have clearly decided that they are going to stick with that “strategy”, even though it has led to failure across the nation. So, what screwed the pooch the hardest in 2012? Culture-war issues. So of course, Johnny Boehner is going there again.

When we have: a resurgent Al-Qaida; millions of people unemployed; starving children; foreign wars; crumbling highways; a shortage of qualified technical workers; a raging deficit; and a host of other issues that the rest of the country agrees are important; indeed, the House GOP is so deluded they think we all agree with them about their latter-day-Mrs.-Mao-Culture-Crusade, never mind that the results of the election proved them wrong

Last cycle, the Elephants thought they could whip the Donkeys by manipulating their base and rigging elections. Didn’t work, of course. Any person with half an ounce of objectivity would change things up a bit. But the Boehner Brigade figures they can do the same thing they did before, and maybe B.S. a few Latinos into voting for the GOP, and they’ll be back on top. Eedjits.

You know the stages of grief, right? Well, the ‘Phants are stuck in Denial. The rest of the country can’t afford to be all hippie-dippy, fluffy-bunny, tender and gentle, waiting for them to process and take their own time to heal and grow. We pay these fools to work for us, and there is work that needs doing, and that immediately.

We voters need to administer as many electoral bitch-slaps as possible: stop the rigging attempts, vote out every extremist loon we can, and clog their voice mails and email accounts and offices: tell them that we are sick of their lame-assed attempts to project their attitudes onto the rest of us and to get to work on the stuff the Constitution mandates them to do, instead of crapping all over the Establishment Clause while ignoring the real, unmet needs of our nation.

Mr. B & C

In the “nobody could be THAT sleazy” competition of 2013, the Virginia Senate’s GOP caucus has truly raised the bar for all the other sleazebuckets who would contend for the title. This was sleaze combined with racism, gall, and a truly epic flip o’ the bird to any sense of cooperation, bipartisanship, respect, or fair play. We are talking EPIC, here, peeps: Wow.

Short version: while a black State Senator ( and veteran of the Civil Rights movement) was, on Martin Luther King Day attending the public inauguration of a black President, the Virginia Repubs took advantage of his absence to ram a gerrymandering plan through that would diminish the impact of minority votes. You see, had he been there, there would have been a 20:20 tie between the Elephants and the Donkeys, and the bill would have been debated and passed (or not) on a bipartisan basis.

But nooooooo. The “republicans” in Virginia want to rig future elections by gerrymandering the state and to Hell with the wishes of the governed. Those voters expressed their wishes by electing equal numbers of Repubs and Dems. Got that? Virginians explicitly rejected partisanship with their votes. But the GOP could give a rat’s fart about what the electorate wants: for them it is all about power and wealth for their party and those that bribe them.

Oh, and the racism: after all the slights against black folk already named above, and the dirty pool played in order to screw black voters and elected officials; when their “work” was done, the Senate adjourned “in memory of Thomas J. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson”.

Just to make it crystal clear: after taking a number of questionable actions that were specifically targeted to hurt black people, on Martin Luther King Day, the Virginia Senate “republicans” chose to honor a Confederate General.You know, a guy who betrayed his service oath and took up arms against his country in order to keep black people in chains.

Virginia voters, you can do two things: either embrace your Pro-Slavery Republicans; or kick their asses until they stop doing this crap. By your choice, we shall know you.

Mr. B& C

A quick reminder of why Barack Obama won re-election (and a fair few other Dems got elected too) in 2012: it was in large part because the Teabaggers and other right-wing extremist loons revealed themselves to be, well, extremist loons. They rejected compromise, refused to consider anything but their “pure and principled” philosophical positions. And the voters kicked out (or didn’t elect in the first place) some of the most radical of these “purists”. The pursuit of ideological perfection turned out to be a really, REALLY bad idea.

So what did the RepubliBaggers do when they got to Washington D.C. this week? Why, they immediately started right back in playing the “purer-than-thou” card as if it were a smart card to play. Never mind that the voters clearly said “knock that crap off and act like grown-ups”, no, the Raging Righties in their Tightie Whities are doubling down on what has been proven to be a losing hand. In the immortal words of that great philosopher Bugs Bunny: Maroons. Imbessiles. Tar-rar-rah-goon-dee-yays.

And to prove that the Right has no monopoly on idiocy, lots of people on the Left are doing the exact same thing, just with a different set of principles to judge the insufficient purity and perfection of their politicos in the Democratic Party. Yes, these zeebs are saying “ya know, being uncompromising zealots totally got our opponents’ wedding tackle kicked in. We should do the same thing they did.” Even Bugs Bunny hasn’t got words to describe THAT level of stupid.

Our nation is not of one mind, and no single set of purist, extremist principles will ever convince us all. Hasn’t happened. Not gonna happen. Extremists are a minority, and however perfect and right their ideas may be, the vast majority of Americans will not buy into those ideas completely. So insisting that, say, the Prexy institute a Socialist Paradise is just as doomed to failure as expecting the Speaker to create a Libertarian Utopia.

This nation is just too diverse, too vast, and full of too many contumacious jerks to ever reach a consensus on anything pertaining to ideology, religion, philosophy, or one of such. We are a nation built on compromise – in fact, our very system of government is a compromise. There is no chance of either the Far Left or the Extreme Right convincing 100% of Americans to follow their path.

That being the case, and having seen the recent failure of extremists who hewed the Right-Wing Tea Party line, one has to wonder why anyone with half a brain who choose to emulate the Tea Party’s 2012 strategy. This writer has concluded that some on the Left possess stupidity in truly epic quantities.

Mr. B & C

Yes, they actually said that. And they said it in a reliably Republican newspaper, to boot: , so we know it isn’t some liberal Donkey putting words in the Elephant’s mouth. Oh, and the ever-so-classy Doug Priesse cursed while he said his racist piece, and urged the reporter to quote him as having done so.

As a descendant of two populations that were oppressed minorities in their countries of origin, this really burns Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s gerbils. How can anyone support a party that admittedly uses racism as a political tool: that violates civil rights laws at every level of government in order to gain more power and money for itself; and that says so openly, without even a hint of embarrassment?

The modern GOP is so far from the party of this writer’s youth that he has taken to thanking God that he left the party in 1976. A party that lies, cheats and steals is sadly normal; indeed, such has been the case throughout much of recorded history. Not for nothing did President Washington warn us against allowing parties to take hold here in America.

But this is far different from the “normal” corruption and pocket-stuffing to which Americans have become resigned. When a party bases its ideology and actions on racism, they join a select (and rightly vilified) group of political organizations: like the Nazis, for example.  Every racist-centric party is the object of contempt and its members despised, as well they should be.

So, if you are an Ohio Republican; think carefully about your membership, and what your money and efforts are supporting. Do you really want to support an organization that openly avows its intentions, and then acts in the clear light of day to steal voting rights away from African-Americans (among others)?

If the answer is no, welcome to the ranks of independent thinkers. If the answer is yes, you are a racist, a supporter thereof, or both.  Yes, it sounds kinda harsh, but that’s reality.

Your choice: cast off the metaphorical chains that bind you to a party full of bigoted, money-mad, power-hungry scumbuckets; or stay in the Republican party and help to put chains back on black people.

Oh, and black Republicans? You’re the worst of the bunch, helping to oppress your brothers and sisters for your own selfish reasons. My people suffered from traitors among our own population, and had words for traitors like you. Words in English, Basque, Gascon and Gaelic: but you already know what kind of scum you are, so we’ll let your own words fill your heads and break your hearts. Hopefully your own knowledge of your perfidy is sufficient to do you the injury you deserve, and inspire you to look beyond your greed and self-love, and (maybe)  make you a part of America the beautiful once again.

Mr. B & C

As you might know, Republicans around the country have been pushing Voter ID laws. Aggressively pushing. Pushing like a panicky heroin dealer who owes the Mob lots of vig on his back payments. They have been trumpeting them in the media, courts, and legislatures as necessary to combat “voter fraud”. Now, when it goes to court and they have to sign on the dotted line,they suddenly admit that there is no evidence of voter fraud to combat.

Mind you, that hasn’t stopped them from pushing the laws anyway. Mr. Blunt and Cranky is more than a bit flummoxed by this: when we are spending taxpayer dollars to combat a problem, one would reasonably expect a problem to exist, and that our “representatives” would have actual proof of the existence of said problem. So, one wonders, why are they doing all this expensive (but seemingly unneeded) work on the taxpayers’ dime?

Uncommon honesty, at least in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania: they are pushing voter ID laws so as to cut back on the number of registered likely Dem voters, thus making it easier for Repubs to win.  This is not just a random blogger’s opinion: it is the stated objective of Repub lawmakers involved in such efforts.

Here’s where they admit that there is no evidence of voter fraud:

Here’s where the PA GOP House Majority leader tells us why he pushed the law in his state:   Use the Google thing to find a more detailed admission from the WI GOP Big Cheese(head).

Straight from the Elephant’s mouth, folks. Ask yourself: why would you vote for a party that out-and-out makes s*** up in order to take away the legitimate rights of American citizens?  These laws would have stripped this writer’s mother (a lifelong Republican, by the bye) of her right to vote. Make your blood boil?

It gets worse: the next voter to lose their rights might just be you. Think about it.

Mr. B & C

(Link to pile of badly-written crap)

As one might expect, there are some extremists who worry about losing this or that electoral contest this fall. Among those wackjobs we find the Greene County VA Republican Party, whose newsletteradvocates armed revolution should Obama win re-election in 2012. You’ll find the ignorant screed (penned by the editor himself) on Page 7, in the lower right-hand corner.

This newsletter’s editorial staff are clearly crybabies, possessed also of seditious, violent, un-American tendencies (and the apparent absence of Spellcheck).  Come on, grow up. And if you lose, fight harder and smarter next time. But don’t act like terrorists and start a war if your stupid, useless political party loses a single race to the other stupid, useless political party.

Newsflash to all extremists: you are not entitled to a 100% winning record. No one is. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. If you aren’t sufficiently mature to understand this basic fact of life, this writer suggests you ask Mommy to buy you a new binky.  You can then go cry in a corner, muffling the inane talk of violence with your pacifier.

Mr. B & C.