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Toldjaso. Russia illegally stole the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in order to increase Moscow’s wealth and influence. Lo and behold, the Russian state-controlled energy agency has taken control of gas and oil production in Crimea, thus shutting out other potential companies and countries.

“Gunpoint business deals”, we might call such operations: Russia is not doing anything irrational here. They are using military force to take control of the European energy market. Power, literally flowing from the barrel of a gun.

Yes, Putin’s Peeps are planning to commit massive human rights abuses in the area they have taken over. And yes, they are planning to swallow up more of the former Soviet Union, creating a greater Russia in the process. But there is nothing crazy about what they’re doing.

Immoral, illegal, unethical, inhuman, and despicable, yes. Loony, no. Putin and his renascent empire are acting with cold, pure, infernally logical intent as they seize land and power: power that will continue its accretion until the rest of the world punches Vladimir in the metaphorical nose and stops him.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

20131028-103153.jpgThis is a picture of serial quitter Sarah Palin and a bear she allegedly shot. Take a quick look at the image, all you gun-literate readers, and tell us what you see:

Yep. The straw-for-brains dimwit has the barrel pointing right at her own fool head.

We already knew her to know from nothing about governing, fiscal policy, law, ethics, or how far Russia is from her breakfast nook. Now we can all see that she doesn’t even know from basic gun safety.

Sarah, exit, stage Far Right.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

And they have admitted it, after a fashion. You see, Smith and Wesson are predicting lower earnings after what they call the “gun frenzy” dials down a notch. A frenzy that they helped create so as to make tons of money from gullible fools who were idiot enough to believe that the Obaminator was coming after their guns.

This writer is in business and has said previously that this “get your guns while you still can bilge” is nothing but a way to transfer our money into their bank accounts. And now they have confirmed it. They whipped up a frenzy to make even bigger bucks, and their shareholders are having a sad because the frenzy is waning.

Crowns O’ Polished Turds all around for the liars and the many idiots who spread those lies.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Mr. Blunt and Cranky well recalls the outrage amongst the Raging Righties in Their Tightie-Whities when ObamaCare “forced people to buy a product they don’t want”. This rant went all the way to the Supreme Court, where it got smacked down with little ceremony. Not that this mattered a whit to the Righties, who still claim that the government should  not be allowed to require citizens to purchase products that they may not personally choose to buy.

Funny, isn’t it, that when the topic turns to guns, then it’s OK for the government to force you to buy a product against your will? 

Yes, that’s right: many of the same screechers who were all up in arms about having to buy insurance are perfectly OK with having to buy a gun. Even in our modern world, that is hypocrisy of the highest order.

The Blunt and Cranky family has insurance and guns, and freely chose in both cases to acquire the articles. No one had to compel us to make the purchases, so you might say we don’t have a dog in this fight. But you’d be wrong. We are Americans and care deeply about the nation, so unlike some folks, we give a s*** about justice for our fellow citizens.

And in the interest of that justice, this writer offers a seemingly obvious thought: regardless of the product, the government either may or may not compel you to purchase it. Period. If Big Brother can make you buy something you approve of, he can make you buy something you don’t approve of. Damn the politics, and the lobbyists, and the BS Facebook memes, what’s legal in one case is legal in another.

We are a nation of laws, like it or not. If you’ll let The Man tell you to do Thing One, then you gotta let The Man tell you do Thing Two.

Disagree? Then you’re a hypocrite, plain and simple.

Mr. B & C

If Mr. Blunt and Cranky were to shout “BANG BANG BANG” as a Popemobile went by, he’d be smothered by cops and suchlike in about a nanosecond. Never mind the First Amendment.

And if he started a religion that urged his parishoners to kill politicians, he’d probably be shot to death in short order. Never mind the Establishment Clause.

And if he decided to flip the bird to the IRS, he’d be in jail so fast it would make your head swim. And so on.

The point of these quaint examples? Here it is: all the gun-crazed tools of the armament industry really, REALLY need to take a Reality Pill or something.

There are no rights in our Constitution that are completely unrestricted, and for good reason. We humans kinda need regulated a bit, to keep us from nuking, stabbing, robbing, cheating, and generally screwing each other to death.

So when Congress gets off its loathsome, spotted behind and votes in a few weenie-arsed, girlie-man restictions on our guns, relax. It won’t be the end of the world.

Mr. B & C

A two-post day in honor of tomorrow’s election: this post about the Prexy, the other about the man who would replace him.  Each man has said some bull*** of his own, or course.  Today, Mr. Blunt and Cranky  shall talk about the stuff  that others say about them.  So grab your nose as we dive straight into the manure pile that is political “discourse” in these degenerate times:

“Obama will take away your guns”: there is no evidence of this. No laws, no proposals, no regulations have come from the White House on this topic during Obama’s time there. This bit o’cowflop comes from the people who make and sell guns and ammo: if you’re scared that the evil Obaminator will take away your guns tomorrow, why, you’ll buy lots and lots of them today. That means big bucks for the gun industry, and less money in your pocket.

“Obama is Bad for Business”: look at the numbers from Wall Street, Congress, and any other non-partisan business metrics indicator you care to cite. The numbers tell you the truth: The past 4 years have kicked a lot of ass for corporate profits, across all sectors.

“Obama’s War on Fossil Fuels”: America is now the world’s number-two producer of oil, right behind Saudi Arabia; we have drilled for so much gas the past three years, the price has hit the floor; and coal jobs are heading back up as we develop export markets for our black gold. If there were such a war, we wouldn’t see these numbers.

“Obama’s War on Religious Freedom”: absolute codswallop. ObamNeyCare does not infringe on the religious freedoms of American citizens in any way, shape or form. It does require certain religious organizations to obey the law, but that’s church hierarchies, not the rest of us. Natch, said hierarchies are screeching like demented, meth-addicted owls; but that’s them, not us.

And so on. So far as this writer can tell, the worst thing Obama has done has been to trust a lot of people he shouldn’t have.

Mr. B & C

This blogger wants to know why: with so many people unemployed; with businesses in need of capital; with war abroad and terrorism at home; with our nation’s infrastructure crumbling; with our information security ineffective; with censorship and surveillance rampant; with the very rights of our citizenry at risk; with deficits going ever upwards;

Why then, oh why, is the House of “Representatives” spending so much time and money  on “The Four G’s”?

God is omnipotent and does not need their help, Guns are widely available, Gays are already hugely oppressed by any measure, and Gynecologists don’t need a roomful of windbags to tell them how to practice medicine.

Get off it, people, and take care of practical matters.


Mr. Blunt and Cranky