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The modern-day versions of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club reared their butt-ugly heads in response to yesterday’s post about the type of pro-rape a**holes that infest the anti-woman fringe. The needle-d***ed little boys who defended their rape-endorsing comrade said lots of tough-sounding things, in their own little safe zones such as “Feminism is a Hate Movement”:

But hey, you’re a liar.

This ever-so-incisive rebuttal focuses on yesterday’s a**hole du jour not being a “real” Men’s Rights Advocate, as if that were the point of the post. But hey, if he’s such a delusional nitwit as to support the claim that wanting equal rights = hate, we really can’t expect cogency.

Plus there’s this little bit of not-even-brave-enough-to-backstab mewling from “Buttsock” (his own handle, not mine):

and thus, i present “A Step by Step Guide on How to Be Disgusting”, by tumblr userbluntandcranky

STEP 1: Pretend something is there

STEP 2: Yell at it until people pay attention to you

Source: bluntandcranky i hate this websitegod i hate this fucking website so much

One might at least expect someone who is so angry about a blog post to call the blogger out in the comments section of the offending blog. Nope. This bunch of cowering little wussies did their name-calling on their own widdle tumblr pages, being too skeeered to even comment to my digital face. What a bunch of whiny, wimpy, trembling little poltroons.

Really, anti-feminists, like all other anti-equality jackholes, are frightened little boys in men’s bodies. They use their big mouths to compensate for their undersized courage (and undersized cojones, at least metaphorically). Christ on a trailer hitch, what kind of pathetic milquetoast can’t even bring himself to send a digital comment to such an insignificant f***ing blog site as this one? (Let’s be honest, I love writing this blog, but it ain’t famous. Not even infamous.)

Clearly, the MRA wimps and their type are anti-woman because women terrify them. Maybe, if they didn’t have such a lack of testicular fortitude, they could show some guts and take the time to get to know some women, relate to them, understand them, and learn to respect thems. Women, after all, are the only reason any of us get born in the first place.

MRA a**wipes and those that defend their inhuman agendas need to wake up, nut up, wise up and step up. Instead of hiding in their scummy, slimy, loathesome little holes whining piteously amongst their cowardly selves about an anti-rape blog post.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Hate to say it, but far too many of us don’t seem to realize how little we know about being a person of color (POC) in America. You can tell it from the things that both well-meaning and malicious people are saying. Here is one example of the latter:


This is from an a**hole cop who is mocking the death of Mr. Garner, a POC who was choked to death by a white policeman in New York.  That is willful, vindictive, hateful ignorance, and it is all too common: here is another example.

This doesn’t mean that all white people are such evil motherf***ers: this writer is fully aware of his ignorance. Just because one has lived and worked among, say, Black and Hispanic friends and co-workers does not mean one fully appreciates their experiences, any more than a father fully understands what a mother goes through when she gives birth to their child.

Participation in an event does not necessarily mean equivalent understanding. Mrs. Blunt and Cranky doesn’t understand what a coronary bypass feels like, any more than your humble correspondent groks her labor pains. Some things you have to feel for yourself to fully grasp.

So here is the challenge to all of us white folks: be aware of our ignorance. It will make us look smarter. And if we listen to our brothers and sisters who are people of color, we might even become smarter.

Can’t hurt, and it just might help.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Deny it all you want, but that is what’s happening. In Red states that have refused to take free Federal money for Medicaid expansion, hospitals are closing and babies are dying. Each and every state that is refusing Medicaid Expansion is run by Teabagging “Republicans” who hates them some Obama. Click the links if you don’t believe it. So it’s clear: these slimy creeps are willing to see you and your kids die, so just so they can go “nanny-nanny-boo-boo” to the President of the United States.

You have to wonder why an allegedly “pro-life” party would deliberately ensure the deaths of thousands of people, including infants. One also wonders why a party that loves state-level governance is passing on billions of dollars in free money. The reason is plain and simple: they hate our President and anything that has his name anywhere near it.

Today as this is being written, hospitals are preparing to close. People whose lives could have been saved are dying. And it is for petty political payback, by a bunch of vindictive “Republicans” who are willing to see innocent blood shed in order to inflict harm on our President. That’s a lot of blood on the paws of those scumbag Red politicians.

And if you vote “Republican”, Gentle Reader, there is blood on your hands, too. If you don’t love dead babies, then don’t vote for Repubs. If you don’t like dead senior citizens, don’t vote for Repubs.

If you DO vote for a GOP candidate, you express your support for deliberately causing the death of thousands of your fellow citizens. By your choice we will know you.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

A lot of Americans agree with Ol’ Pooty-Poot. You might think we are oh-so-enlightened, but don’t kid yourselves: all too many of us still hates them some LGBT folks. Haters in and out of government.

For example, here is an evangelical “Christian” pastor who will soon be tried for crimes against humanity. Said crimes being helping to slaughter untold numbers of gay Ugandans. That, dear reader, is some serious hate.

It’s all over the country: Kenny Coochy in Virginia, unconstitutional arrests for being gay around the nation, to name but a very few.

Yes, Russia deserves the condemnation it is receiving for its outlandish anti-gay pogrom. Open all the cans of whoop-ass you can find upon them. But perhaps you should also save a can or two for the many homophobic idiots here at home, too.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Sometimes, the bulls*** is truly epic. Ron Johnson, “Republican” Senator from the great state of Insanity, went magnificently bugf*** crazy this week at the FundieFest.

Yes, this man thinks that we should hate and fear our government. Really. He also says the Founding Fathers felt the same way.

Ya know, people who build houses rarely hate and fear houses. People who hate and fear booze rarely go into the Bourbon business. But in JohnsonLand, people who hate and fear governments build, well, governments.

Not just a liar, but crazy into the bargain. Ron Johnson, here’s your Crown O’ Polished Turds. (Sorry, we don’t have anything for nutjobs, just liars. See a doctor for the crazy. Please.)

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Here’s a big surprise: , an article showing that the “Republican” party is so deeply beholden to the Teabaggers and Fundagelicals that it is going to keep on with the starve-the-poor-to-feed-the-rich, put-the-women-in-burkas, hate-the-swarthy-people agenda that cost it so dearly in the last election.

At the Faith and Freedom Coalition convention this week, Elephant after Elephant trumpeted the message of intolerant, hateful, unconstitutional garbage that voters emphatically rejected last November. Even after taking such a whipping, these fools refuse to see the obvious: they are a minority and the majority disagrees with them. “This call for us to silence ourselves and to stop speaking about the values that we know work is a big mistake” says Marco Rubio. (Note to Marcy Marc: you might “know” they work, but the evidence says they don’t. But hey, you don’t believe in objective reality or even science, so why should we be surprised when you ignore evidence? )

And it is not just random rants at a Klann-ish Konference: in Ohio, the legislature is poised to screw over the poor, the working poor, women, minorities and pretty much everyone who hasn’t paid them off with the new budget. State after state, legislatures are passing woman-hating legislation that gives fat old rich white guys the right to control the bodies of women they haven’t even met. And yes, the Repubs still hate them some gays, non-whites and immigrants. And they show this hatred with their actions.

Ya know, Mr. Blunt and Cranky used to play bass solos: after he noticed that the audience hated them, he stopped playing them. Bill Clinton used to stop for greasy cheeseburgers on his daily jogs: after he had a few bypasses done, he stopped eating them. Pretty simple to do, right? You see that what you’re doing isn’t working, and you stop. But are the “Republicans” aware of this simple truth? No. No, they aren’t.

Democrats will likely be cheering this stupidity, since it’ll make it easier for them to win elections. But the rest of us, the majority of Americans who belong to neither one party nor the other, aren’t cheering: it means that the important things we need the government to do (and that we are paying them to do) won’t get done, because the Repubs are too busy with their anti-“social” issues to do any real work (you know, like building roads, paying cops and fire fighters, little things like that).

Yes, even though it doesn’t work for anybody, the ‘Phants will keep on with the racial prejudice, woman-oppressing, immigrant-hating bulls*** for the foreseeable future: because, you see, in their little bubble of faith-based “facts”, THEY think it actually does work. There is none so blind and all that.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Much hoo has been ballied and wroth been waxed over the new Cheerios commercial featuring three actors representing a family with different skin colors. Indeed, at crazy sites like this one, the racist loons are predicting the imminent demise of “white America” and other such hysterical hate-filled rants.

People, it’s just a standard cereal commercial: precocious kid, smart mom, clueless dad. General Mills, Quaker et al have been using this ad format for decades now, and not for purposes of social engineering; no, they make advertisements in order to sell products. That is how businesses make money, ya know.

And businesses are here to make money. That is the only reason most businesses exist: to turn a profit. Advertising helps increase profits. That’s it. The only reason for the ad. Ain’t another one. Profit is why that ad was made.

“So why”, we hear you ask, “did Cheerios cast people who look like a ‘mixed-race’ family”? Very simple: there are one whole helluva lot of such families in America, and when people see themselves represented in advertisements, they tend to buy the advertised product. That’s why you see white folk, Latinos, gays, men, women, youngsters, oldsters…lots of different types of consumers in ads: to make a connection with a market segment.

So calm down, all you outraged Wingnuts and racists. It’s all about making money. The cereal companies don’t care if we all turn beige or any other color, so long as we keep buying the stuff they advertise.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky is the story of the all-white prom recently held on behalf of all the Klan Wannabees at Wilcox County High School in Georgia.  Here is a snippet from the CBS News article (link above):

“Despite the students holding a prom designed to include everybody, CBS Atlanta News discovered the “white” prom still took place. It was held in Fitzgerald, Georgia, on April 20. No one confirmed it was a “white-only” event, but dozens of Caucasian kids, dressed in prom gowns and tuxes, attended. CBS Atlanta News never saw anyone of color the entire night.

Most of the attendees refused to talk to CBS Atlanta News. They, instead, ignored our questions or spoke angrily. “Lady, get out of my face,” snapped one father when asked why he was there.

Another father threatened to sue CBS Atlanta News, and yet another ordered us to turn-off our cameras. At one point, the police were even called even though we were breaking no laws by remaining outside of the event on a public sidewalk.”

That, Gentle Reader, is proof that we are not in a “post-racial” world, no matter how many people would have us believe otherwise. There are loads of idiotic, mouth-breathing, hate-ridden bigoted f***wits out there who hate other people because of their gender, skin color, and other factors.

We still need to support all those who fight against the pond scum who organized and attended this “We Hate Black People Prom”. One group of fearless warriors can be found, also in Wilcox County, GA: they held an integrated prom, in spite of horrible threats, abuse and harassment. 

Georgia’s Governor, obviously either scared of these latter-day Klansmen or one of them himself, tacitly endorsed the illegal and unconstitutional segregation by refusing to support integration of the school dances. And he is not alone.

Segregation is alive and well in America, and it is time we all woke up and put a stop to it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky


This week’s Crown O’ Polished Turds shall adorn the misshapen dome of a Supreme Court “Justice”. Antonin Scalia (an Italian name meaning “scaly like a snake”) this week declared from the bench that providing everyone equal access to the polls was “racial entitlement”. Yes, he really said that.

Fat Tony is saying that providing those who have been discriminated against when trying to vote with protection against further discrimination is somehow giving these crime victims some sort of special goodies. Never mind that the poor, elderly, the young and people of color are still being victimized.

Let us imagine for a moment what Mister rude gesture is thinking, in the darkness of his bigoted, slimy head: probably something along the order of “those damned jigaboos need to learn their place”. No doubt he also feels that the nips Japanese should still be confined to internment camps, and bitches women should not be allowed to vote, along with the micks Irish, wetbacks Hispanics, terrorists Moslems and pretty much everyone but bead-squeezers Catholic honkies white men. Had he been around in Pharaoh’s day, he’d have been putting more chains on the kikes Israelites, no doubt.

You may find the previous paragraph to be offensive, and you’re right: it is. Why, it’s nearly as offensive as a Supreme Court reinstating slavery invalidating the Voting Rights Act and claiming that they are promoting “equality”.

Mr. Scalia, you may wear your COPTs, but you’d be better off to eat it, so as to harmonize better with the rest of your body chemistry.

Mr. B & C

One thing that drives Mr. Blunt and Cranky further into the Abyss of Crankiness is people who lie to themselves. And when it comes to President Obama, there are lots of liars out there. Hoo Boy, are there ever. A very few people worship him, many shrug their shoulders,  some dislike the man, and a s***load-and-a-half hate him.

This writer is on the cusp of shrug and dislike, and makes no bones about it: he thinks Obama was too young to be President. Add to that a natural suspicion of slick-talking orators, and you have the reasons for the attitude. See? Not hard to do. Here’s the feeling, here’s the reason. So, everybody, try it on for size:

The Obama Worshippers are those who are looking for a savior. Instead of doing the hard work themselves, they want someone to solve our problems for us. Unrealistic, but understandable. Just admit that you don’t want to bust ass to create the world of your dreams, and want Obama to do it for you.

Maybe you’re one of the many haters. You might hate him because you are (consciously or subconsciously) a racist like these idiots: If so, at least admit it to yourself. Not many things are more pathetic than a racist who is too cowardly to own their racist attitudes.

Maybe you hate him because you’re too lazy to fact-check the “news” you follow and believe that Obama is (all at once, mind you) a Commie, a Socialist, a Fascist, and a Nazi; a Moslem, a Christian and an Atheist; black, white and mixed; or any other set of self-contradictory labels. Not much of anyone wants to admit to being lazy, but suck it up and do it.

Or maybe you hate the Prexy because all of your friends and family hate him, and you’re just going along to get along. Even fewer people want to admit to having no mind of their own, but hey, man, admit it.

The most important thing is to not try and fool yourself. Because, friend, you sure as Hell aren’t fooling anybody else.

Mr. B & C