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“The American people don’t want this bill” is a lie of truly epic dimensions, because the American people have voted FOR Obamacare, time and time again.

First, they elected Obama in 2008, and he ran on a platform that actually included even MORE health care than Obamacare delivered. That’s a vote for Obamacare.

Then they re-elected Obama in 2012, when he ran against Romney/Ryan, whose platform included ditching Obamacare. That’s a vote for Obamacare.

They also cast more votes for House Democrats in 2012 than they did for House “Republicans” (the Repubs kept the House via election rigging, gerrymandering, etc.) That’s another vote for Obamacare.

Every time Obamacare’s individual  provisions are mentioned in polls, they get huge public support. It’s just the word “Obamacare” that people view through suspicious eyes (and small wonder, given the smear campaign that Repubs have waged against  it over the years).

And that, Gentle Reader, is why the lie “The American people don’t want this bill” is the biggest Obamacare of them all. Yes, there are some people who DON’T want Obamacare, but they are in the minority.

The majority of the American People voted for Obamacare, loudly and repeatedly. It’s high time the “Republicans” respected the clearly-expressed will of the people, and get the hell out of the way if they don’t like it. Congress is supposed to work for US, not the other way around.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Here is a link to a story in Forbes that shows how ObamaCare is saving money by slowing the previously unsustainable growth in health care costs. Yes, that is correct: the much-reviled Affordable Care Act would appear to be making health care, well, affordable.

And do we hear any of the many haters recanting? Of course not. Because facts mean nothing to them; all they care about are their opinions, and they will cling to those irrational beliefs long after reality has rendered them irrelevant.

The ACA is doing exactly what the Prexy said it would. And, much as it may gall us to say so, we owe President Obama an apology, and our thanks as well.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

In addition to being blunt and cranky, your humble scribe is just about as cynical as a man can get.  So when he hears that a legislator is quitting his gig four years early to take a position in the private sector, his Uncle Martin Antennae pop up and his B.S. Detector starts ringing like a fire alarm. Such was the case when he heard about soon-to-be-former Senator DeMint, who is leaving a position of power and privilege to go to work for Wingnut Central The Heritage Foundation.

There are a number of possible reasons for such a move, none of which reflect well on the man:

Number A: There is a scandal about to erupt, and he wants to get out while he can. Possible, with the large number of information sources available these days. On the other hand, being a sitting senator would provide him with a remarkable amount of legal protection and a big pulpit from which to make his case.  So this one’s kinda iffy.

Letter 2: He is pissed off at being stuck in the minority for at least half of his remaining term.  Lots of “Republicans” assumed their party would take complete control of government, and as it turned out they lost influence in both the legislative and executive branches. This reason is possible, but not verifiable.

Thirdly: He is broke and wants to make a pile of cash. The new gig would pay over a million bucks a year and he is not one of our millionaire Senators, so that seems a very plausible scenario.

No matter which of these reasons (or another) is behind the move, Mr. DeMint’s behavior is execrable. He swore an oath and (like Sarah Palin before him)is  violating that sworn oath.  He is running away from his obligations. And no matter what he’s running from or what he’s running to, he is showing himself to be a person completely devoid of honor and integrity. Even by the low standards we have come to associate with politicos, he’s slime.

Mr. B & C

Mr. Blunt and Cranky loves to write, but knows that sometimes someone else’s article is so well-written that it needs little elaboration.  This being one of those time, he encourages all y’all to click this link and read this article: published by those notorious liberals at Forbes, written by a pundit who is a regular on that  commie network Fox News, and backed up by socialists like the Heritage Foundation:

Be sure to follow the links used by the author, and if you can take the time, the comments thread is actually worth a glance for a change.  The gist: Obama isn’t as big a spender as the lazy-arsed media would have us believe.  Enjoy.

Mr. B & C

P.S.: As an Eisenhower fan, this writer finds the historical comparison a bit of a giggle, given the current level of irrational anti-Obama screeching in the media and around the country.

People have been asking the originator of ObamNeyCare for his latest and greatest new health care policy for a while now, and until recently getting bupkis for their efforts.  Mitt is nothing if not efficiently opaque, and he has been deflecting the questions with all the ease and grace of a master matador confronted with a herd of elderly, arthritic dairy cows.

This week, he finally told us his new health care policy: It is to “return us to a setting of personal responsibility”. That is code for AMFYOYO (read the headline again and you’ll get the acronym): no one will help you, you are truly on your own, regardless of circumstance. This is, of course, not the true meaning of “personal responsibility”, but it is what politicians usually mean by the term:

When they try to take away the Social Security and Medicare benefits we have been paying for, it’s pitched as “personal responsibility” (or sometimes “individual empowerment”). Meaning? AMFYOYO.

When Reagan threw the mentally ill onto the street, it was pitched as “personal responsibility” (or deinstitutionalization”). Translation? AMFYOYO.

When states cut funding for counties and localities, it is pitched as “personal responsibility” (or sometimes “local empowerment”). AMFYOYO.

And so on. This writer is a big believer in personal responsibility, but knows full well that politicians don’t mean what most of us mean by the term. In politico-speak, “personal responsibility” means “we will give the voters less and our special interest paymasters more”. Just look at the last few decades and see where our money has gone, and how little benefit we, the people, are receiving for our hard-earned.

Back to the current example: Romney, having turned against his own creation (ObamNeyCare), wants to get rid of it and replace it with…nothing. AMFYOYO.

Mr. B & C

Everyone knows that Mitt Romney pushed and pulled to enact universal health care in Massachusetts when he was The Guv there; everyone also knows that Barack Obama totally stole Romney’s plan and took it national (which is why Mssrs. Pawlenty, Blunt and Cranky have used the term “ObamNeycare”).

Since Mitt decided to run for the Presidency, he has shifted his stance somewhat (as in, the North Atlantic is somewhat salty, and a wee bit chilly & wet); he says that what was good public policy for a single state is Socialism for an entire nation. Hard to buy a line of hooey like that, but not impossible. So, we gave ol’ Willie the benefit of the doubt.

Until today, that is.  The Guv was in Israel, and he was loudly talking up their health care system: a system which looks one whole helluva lot like ObamNeycare. So it looks like Mitt is indeed a Socialist MoFo just like the Prexy, since he has now praised the same system at state AND national levels.

He must have just been funnin’ with us about not liking Obama’s heath care system. Or lying, so as to hide his Secret Socialist Society membership (do they give out decoder rings?). Yup, Mitt was a stinking Socialist all along, and tried to hide it: but now we see the truth.

Of course, it could be that the whole Obama/Romney/Israeli health care model is not Socialism at all, and is simply good public policy….naaah. Couldn’t be.

Mr. B & C