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All across the USA, people have been pointing judgemental fingers at McKinney, Texas: pointing at the town’s racism, pointing at the town’s homophobia, and pointing at the town’s police misconduct. All such fingers implying a certain superiority on the locale of those doing the pointing.

And those assumptions of superiority are, of course, misguided at best and lies at worst. Let’s take a few of McKinney’s recent “sins” and see how our states, cities, and neighborhoods stand up in comparison, shall we? Oh yes, yes we shall:

Homophobia: Kids who wore t-shirts supporting a bullied friend were harassed, publicly shamed, and otherwise penalized for having the words “Gay OK” on their shirts. The bullies were not, and have not, been punished. Think your town’s schools administrators are better? Probably not.

Racism: White people caused the recent dustup at that pool party, and let’s not pretend otherwise, OK? The white 911 caller was a racist (and has a criminal record), and the white woman who started the pool party fight is an obviously racist POS. Neither of them got so much as a glance from the idiot cop who pummeled an innocent black teen.
Think your town is better? Maybe it is, but probably not.

And let’s not even get STARTED on police misconduct, OK? Just check out the nationwide stats on skin-color-based differences in how law enforcement treats our citizens. No place is immune.

Yes, McKenney has racists, bigots, and crazy cops. So too does Ferguson. And, Staten Island. And, Cleveland. And so too does America as a whole: a wonderful, but deeply f***ed-up country. Until we realize that racism, homophobia, bigotry and other forms of hatred infest our nation from coast to coast and top to bottom, we’ll never get this place cleaned up.

Instead of pointing fingers at others, let’s put our digits to work. fixing our own problems.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

2013 was a year of amazing stupidity, and this writer is glad its death is nigh. One of the dumbest things of this dumb year was the notion that White America was under attack (along with Christian America). Never mind that white Christians are in control of American government, business and media, have been for some time, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Here is some Cranky History: the family has been here since at least 1774. That means we were here when most of the land was being stolen from the original inhabitants. White Americans raping, killing, stealing, and committing genocide against the legitimate owners of this country. And even if my ancestors did not commit any of these atrocities with their own hands, they certainly benefited from them. As all white Americans do to this day.

Some of my ancestors lived in border states during the Civil War, which was when White Americans killed Americans of all colors in order to keep the right to rape, enslave, torture and murder their slaves. And even if my ancestors did not commit any of these atrocities with their own hands, they certainly benefited from them. As all white Americans do to this day.

Today, America is becoming a majority minority nation: that means that White America will become less powerful and eventually have to suck it up and be equal with the others we have been raping, killing and stealing from for all these years. Not superior to them, but equal to them. You know, like the Constitution says.

And speaking as a White American who can lay claim to the dubious honor of being a direct descendant of the original White Americans, that is a very good thing. Because looking at our conduct over the centuries, we really shouldn’t be in charge of much of anything. Unless you LIKE rape, genocide, thievery, murder, torture, and general crimes against humanity.

If you support the idea of White America, you support those crimes. And on behalf of myself and my part-Shawnee spouse (there, friends, is an example of spiritual awesomeness), f*** anybody and everybody who is in favor of White Supremacy, or any other skin-color-based horses*** like that.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

As we all know by now, Duck Daddy Phil Robertson loves him some Leviticus 18:22 (that is the bit about gays being icky). Of course, the book says a lot about other horrible sins, but he doesn’t often mention them. And for good reason.

This writer has seen a bit of Duck Dynasty, and knows that the Robertsons love to eat squirrel. That is forbidden per Lev. 11:4-8, as are pork, rabbit, and pretty much any animal without divided hooves and a cud-chewing habit. Crawdads are also sinful to eat, along with shellfish, lobster, shrimp and crab, per Lev. 11:10-12.

Don’t get the Cranky started about how they dress on that show: dreadfully decadent mixing of fabrics. Forbidden in 19:19. And that unkempt hair? Oh, my-check out 10:6. Not to mention eating fat-that is stealing from the Lord’s sacrificial portion, as per 3:17.

And of course, there is the big one: lying. Forbidden by a commandant, and quite a few places in Leviticus, to boot. And the whole show is a lie, Clan Robertson is not the family they pretend to be: click the link and watch to see. They were a normal load of rich yuppies before the show, and grew the beards and such for it. So the show is bearing false witness, deceiving a purchaser, and a host of other truly gnarly sins.

The truth, Gentle Reader, is that we are all horrible sinners according to the standards set in Leviticus, and Hoo Boy, that includes your Cranky Correspondent. That is why we no longer live by those standards. And if someone wants to pick and choose which bit o’ Levit he wants to foist upon the rest of us, then he is leaving himself open for the rest of us to do unto him.

For now, the score of the Sin Bowl is: Homosexual males, 1 ; Phil Robertson, 12+.
Not hard to see which is the bigger sinner.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Yesterday, the Russian-backed Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people. Russia (meaning Vladimir Putin) is blocking UN action to investigate this war crime. Vlad the Destroyer is OK with crimes against humanity.

Recently, Russia passed some truly regressive anti-LGBT laws, and announced that foreign visitors (such as Olympic athletes) would be jailed, harassed, and so on. Vlad the Destroyer is OK with persecuting gay people for being gay.

A while back, members of a Russian punk band got sent to a labor camp for making fun of Putin and the Church. Vlad the Destroyer is OK with working people to death, if they offend him.

It is hard to imagine anyone supporting or praising such a despicable piece of dung as Putin. Indeed, one would think that anyone who does praise and support Putin is someone who shared his destructive, regressive, authoritarian tendencies and traits. One would be right.

So, then: Syria, Wikileaks, Greenwald, Snowden and Assange have been revealed as supporters of war crimes, hate crimes, and violations of human rights across the board. Think about this, the next time you think about supporting them. When they praise Putin as a human rights icon, they support his human rights activities.

Up yours, Putin. And the same goes for anyone and everyone who supports him.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Lots of so-called “conservatives” claim to be in favor of small government: Mr. Blunt and Cranky has waxed quite wroth on these hypocritical preeves before, like right here, for instance.

A stupid, bigoted, Big Government lesbian-hating judge has decided he has the right to tell taxpaying citizens where they can live and with whom they may live.

Short version: a Texas woman divorced her stalking ex-husband and is living with a woman. A “conservative” judge is enforcing a “morality clause” against her.

People, here is yet another example of the lie that is “small government conservatism” in today’s America. These antediluvian louts are actually lovers of Big Government; nay, frickin’ HUGE Government. They love running things just as much as Liberals do. These alleged “Conservatives” just want to control different aspects of our country.

If it’s a choice between the Liberals wanting to tax a few über-rich twerps, and the “Conservatives” wanting to stick their pimply noses into the bedrooms of the rest of us, this writer knows which one he prefers. And it sure as H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks ain’t the pervert judge, getting his jollies by monitoring our sex lives.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

This week’s ever-so-very-worthy recipient of the Crown 0′ Polished Turds is Ohio’s Guv, John Kasich. On Thursday of this past week, The Kasich “evolved” and said he had some gay friends, and was willing to throw them a bone in the form of civil unions. But hey, no marriage for the gayward according to The Kasich.

This lasted less than half a day . Now the story is, he’s back to his old gay-hating self. Last time Mr. Blunt and Cranky checked, evolution didn’t work in reverse. Which means, he’s lyin’ like a moldy shag rug.

A crown, then, for The Kasich: our Lying Sack of S*** of The Week.

Mr. B & C

When Mr. Blunt and Cranky was but a wee lad, there were snow toys called “Snurfers” –  sort of a short surfboard with a rope handle attached to the front. Very fun, and very dangerous if used by the untrained on steep ski or sledding slopes.  One fine  Winter’s day, a perfectly average hormone-addled teenaged friend took his new Snurfer to the highest point on the highest hill in town, went essentially straight down a steep incline, lost control, and broke several limbs.

After said friend (we shall call him “Fool #1”) got carted off to the E.R.,  everyone left that Snurfer alone,  as no one else wanted to be encased in plaster after breaking their bones in the snow.  Everyone, that is, except for one amazingly stupid idiot who took the fallen kid’s Snurfer up to the same high place, took the same route down the hill, and broke his tailbone.  This resulted in Fool # 2 being humiliated for months as he carried his pillow to and from class, (to cushion his fractured kazoo as he was made to sit on the hard wooden and plastic chairs). Fool # 2 was judged far more harshly than Fool #1, because he had seen what had happened to Fool #1 and did the same dumb thing anyway. No excuse.

At that same time in America, it was unusual to see black and white couples together, much less married – such behavior was discouraged.  Reams of “evidence” were produced in support of this and other racist ideas; “evidence” that turned out to be junk science, brainless balderdash, and similar worthless dreck.  In spite of the lack of rational basis for laws against “interracial marriage”, said laws remained on the books for far too many years, and (in some parts of the country) were unofficially enforced even after their repeal, by evolutionary throwbacks and bitter old church ladies.

Humans being humans, the same sort of tripe is being used today, to oppose the rights of gay Americans to wed. Now as then, we hear silly-arsed theories presented as “facts”, junk science, homophobic horseflop and other “evidence”; all in the service of alienating from legitimate U.S. citizens their allegedly inalienable rights.

Regardless of whether the opponents of marriage equality are stupid, venal, or ignorant; whether they are acting in a thoughtful or thoughtless manner; and whatever their motivations may be, one thing unites them all: they are repeating mistakes made by similar people in the past, and are paying no attention to what happened to the fools who came before them. They can easily see what happened in the past when the same stupid thing that they are doing now was done; but they are doing the stupid thing anyway.

By refusing to learn from history, they willfully choose to be stubbornly ignorant: and by so choosing, look even dumber than their predecessors. Just like Fool #2 and his borrowed Snurfer.

Mr. B & C


Rep. Andy Gipson (R-Sphincterville) recently said, via Leviticus (20:13 for those of you aren’t hip to the Scrip) on his Facebook page, that gays should be killed. Here’s a snip of the page, for you Thomas-types out there:Image

Later, he went on Facebook again, refusing to apologize, saying “I do not, cannot, and will not apologize for the inspired truth of God’s Word. It is one thing that will never change.” So, you’re down with killing the gayward. We got it, Andy. You might be a hateful little bigot, but you are at least consistent. God’s word will never change, thus you’ll never be OK with gay folks unless they are dead.  Despicable, but reliable. We know where you stand. Even if it’s the lower level of a two-story outhouse, we know where you stand.

One wondered if he refused to wear nylon and wool at the same time (one shudders at the thought of a poly/cotton mix – oh, the shame, the shame of it); sold his daughters into slavery, or indeed  performed each and every one of the other actions required of we poor souls,  in that unchanging book that is Leviticus. If not, how could he live with himself?

And then, shock of all shocks, the next day, he said he didn’t really mean “killed”. Wait a minute, boyo, you mean God’s word DID change? News to me, I have to say.  Or did you mean that you just decided to stop following it? So much for “never”. 

Most of us think never means, well, never. Evidently, this jackanapes thinks never means “until I am in danger of actually having to work for a living”. Or “Until I realize what an ass I’ve made of myself”.

Nope, here’s the deal: he’s just another lying, two-faced politician who got caught shooting off his yap. His word isn’t worth the spit behind it, and his promises are worth their weight in gold.

If it weren’t the fact that he was using the Bible to make himself look bigger than the pathetic little twerp that he actually is, he might “never” have been noticed at all.

Mr. B & C