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Seriously, shut the f***ing f*** up, you stupid f***ing f***ers. That woman put her life on the line, played by the rules, was lied to by her employer and our government, and you s***sacks are insulting Her??? Jesus f*** ing Christ on a gurney, what a**holes you are.

How about blaming Thomas Eric Duncan, who lied about having contact with Ebola on his travel documents? He put hundreds of people at risk, ferchrissakes. Had he not lied, none of this would have happened.

How about blaming the numbnuts and nimrods at Texas Health South, who first discharged Mr. Duncan, and then made their staff care for him without proper protective gear for TWO F***ING DAYS, thus exposing dozens more people to Ebola?

Better yet, blame the f***ing CDC for lying about hospitals being ready, fumbling the ball repeatedly, and then allowing Ms. Vinson to fly, after she did the right thing and called them to be sure it was OK?

Come on. Amber Vinson is the ONLY person in this mess who is NOT to blame. But you s*** on her and give the guilty parties a pass. Shut it, until you get enough brain cells to be able to say something other than stupid f***ing s***.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

This is how Vlad wants you to see him:


And this is what he actually is, and does:


Always remember, Gentle Reader: Putin was the head of the KGB back in Soviet times. That means he was in charge of torture, genocide, murder, and brutal suppression of any tiny hint of dissent.

From recent events, it is clear that he hasn’t changed a bit, no matter how many nipple shots the scumbucket butcher shows us:


Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Here is just one example out of  millions: a woman, bitten by a snake shortly after losing her health insurance, got hit with a $55,000.00 bill for less than a day in the hospital. Had her insurance not lapsed, she would have paid maybe $300.00–55k-bill-150152873.html

That, peeps, is why everyone needs health insurance. Even young, healthy people can have accidents. So to all the “conservative” “Republicans” who are trying to keep people from signing up for ObamaCare, here is why you are completely and irredeemably full of s***.

And to anyone who believes these rubes as they try to destroy common-sense health care reform – wake up and smell the snake oil.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky