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Remember the 90’s? That was when a Dem got elected President, and the Repubs spent years manufacturing “scandals” so as to stop him from getting his agenda accomplished. Bulls*** allegation after bulls*** allegation, and finally one stuck to the wall: a stain on a gullible young lady’s dress, put there by our horndog Prexy Bubba. Finally, after years of effort, the “Republicans” had a scandal with which to distract the public and derail the administration’s efforts and policies. Oh, and to use to take the White House in 2000. Dirty politics, but effective. Even today, “Lewinsky” is a punch line.

Now we have another Democrat at 1600, and the Repubs have been working from the same playbook for his entire term. BS “scandal” after BS “scandal” has been thrown at Obama, and none has stuck. Not until Ron Paul supporter Edward Snowden decided to derail the administration. And he (or whoever he really works for) has upped the game considerably. Not just a stain or an “is” leaked at random moments: no, these releases of national security information are being timed to lead the media and the more gullible members of the public around by the nose:
* The initial “revelation” happened just after another attempted scandal was fizzling out,
* The “revelation” about spying on China came out right before Obama met with China’s leader,
*The “revelation” about spying on Russia came out right before Obama met with Russia’s leader, and then
*Right on cue, the son of the man Snowden supported in 2012 denounced Obama over the NSA “scandal”.

A well-coordinated and effective but of dirty politics, you’ll agree. And it will continue, because it seems to be working. Note that this writer is neither excusing Clinton’s pre-adolescent behavior with Ms. Lewinsky, nor is he standing up for the appalling breaches of privacy that the Bushies and their Patriot Act handed down to the present regime.

But, Gentle Reader, he IS saying that the “revelations” and “scandals” are part of a pattern of behavior that we have seen from the “Republican” party for many years now. Far too many of We The People are forgetting this, and allowing ourselves to be jerked around on the strings of various puppeteers, who are not doing this for the good of the country: no, they are doing this to stop Obama from getting anything done, so the Elephants can kick the Donkeys out of power once again. And it’s working, because far too many of us aren’t paying attention.

And if this disgraceful campaign of character assassination succeeds, you’ll have this latter-day Lewinsky to thank (or blame). Yes, the new and improved edition of a young naïf who hit their knees in order to “service” someone in a position of power. A punchline-in-waiting is he, aided and abetted by our national failure to pay attention when we are being manipulated.

The only question left is what sort of “stain” will be left on Mr. Snowden, and whether he can ever wash it away.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Evidently, some Christians need reminded: over the weekend, Google was blasted for its Doodle on Easter Morning. Said Doodle was a picture of Cesar Chavez, the late humanitarian and advocate for migrant workers.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky first heard of the “controversy” via his Facebook page, on which he saw a fair few outraged posts about Google’s supposed anti-Christian Doodle du jour. at first he thought the posters were too ignorant (or too full of Right-wing political nonsense) to know the actual deeds and beliefs of Cesar Chavez, but that was an overestimation of their intelligence.

No, the angrily-tweeting Christians were upset that there were no cutesy pictures of Easter eggs, Easter Bunnies or such. Yes, you read that correctly. They think the AntiChrist has arrived and its name is a search engine’s, because there was no hippity-hoppity, floppy-eared, egg dispensing cartoon creature prancing across the homepage.

Now, this is not to diss bunnies, eggs, candy and plastic green grass; nor is it meant to denigrate the sacrifice made by Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth. This writer appreciates all of these things.

But it makes you wonder if any of those protesting have actually read their Bibles lately. Because if they had, they’d know that cute little Lagomorphs and colored avian ova do not appear in the tale of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. Nowhere. Not once.

Mr. B & C