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Recently we discovered that the House of “Representatives” will be giving itself about 2/3 of the year off. So they clearly don’t plan on doing anything for their six-figure salaries.

This morning, Mr. Blunt and Cranky heard a story on the news about how Dizzy City has gotten into the habit of forcing other agencies to do nothing. So the trend is being spread across the government, like mold through bread.

Mind you, the government doing nothing might not be so bad if we weren’t still paying full price. Most of us in the real world don’t get paid if we don’t work. But not “our” government, who take our money and provide little or nothing in return.

There’s a word for such people, who take our money under false pretenses and then fail to deliver as promised.

That word is “thieves”.

Mr. B & C

Sometimes, people don’t even realize when they are being funny: that would appear to be the case with this hysterically funny congresscritter:Bob Goodlatte

In an interview about immigration policy, he actually said…give us a second here….oh my….sorry, this is so funny, can’t stop laughing long enough to type…

He said that the President needed to “back off and let the Congress do its work”.

Is that funny, or what? Congress? WORK? Stop it, man, you’re killing me…

Mr. B & C