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Any dips*** who votes for a Repub supports those despicable actions. Yes. These hateful, stupid, violent, dishonest crooks would not be in office were it not for millions of bigoted, idiotic, abusive, dishonest, thieving asshat Teapubbie voters. So if you are or vote for a “Republican”, welcome to the ranks of the Pond Scum Society.

Doubt it? Five quick examples:
Racism: Airheaded Foxbot (a  redundancy, but, hey,  what the Hell) Kristi Capel recently decried Lady Gaga’s “jigaboo” music. Then claimed she didn’t know what the word meant. Ummm… grew up in Kentucky, won a beauty pageant in Missouri, works in Cleveland, and she doesn’t know from racial slurs? Riiiiiiight. That stench you smell is NOT roses, friends, but rather the dung that fertilizes them. She still has her job, proving that racism is acceptable to Repubs.

Willful Ignorance: Idaho lawmaker doesn’t know how babies are made. Or maybe he’s just even dumber than dumb when it comes to biology. Idaho State Rep. Vito Barbieri asked if swallowing a camera would show what was happening in a uterus. Does he think oral sex causes pregnancy, or that women digest via their vaginas? Either way, he, like “republicans” in general, is far too comfortable knowing nothing. He still has his job, proving that pig-ignorance is lauded by Repubs.

Lying and Bullying: Foxbot Bull Bill O’Reilly, who clearly kissed a lot of the Blarney Stone (underneath, in the dirt, with all the other dung beetles, worms and other s***-eating lowlifes) was trying to avoid answering questions about his, well, lies. He beat on the questioner with his bumbershoot, and then tried to get the person he assaulted charged. He still has HIS job, proving that Repubs love men who lie and commit violent acts against innocent people.

Criminals: America’s favorite bulky bully, Chris Christie (proof that naming somebody after the Savior, even when done twice, cannot make them good Christians) has been called out by a judge for stealing millions of dollars from pensioners. He still has his job, proving that Repubs love love LOVE crooked motherf***ers.

Seriously, can you find a truly decent and honorable Republican anywhere (dead ones don’t count)? This blogger was raised by old-school Eienhower Republicans, and there used to much to admire about the Old Party that was once Grand. Maybe not enough to make the Young and Cranky want to join up, but there were points to respect, others to debate, and generally one could engage in reasonably civil discourse with most Republicans, even during the Vietnam war, Watergate, etc. No longer.

The GOPee has become a completely valueless party, a vast organized crime syndicate, full of idiots, secessionists, traitors, crooks, liars and other people who would, in any just society, be locked up with the keys thrown far away, instead of holding the majority of control in our once-decent nation. The idea that half of all of us share those values makes this writer cringe whenever he goes overseas, because he KNOWs that the people he encounters will be asking about our f***ed-up government, and why the Hell we all let it get like this.

The answer is mystifying to them, and depressing to your humble bloggespondent: our government is the way it is, because voter action (and inaction) has made it so. The American electorate has repeatedly shown its approval for such mendacity, wickedness, cruelty, evil and corruption via the ballot box. So our government, far from being an aberration, is in fact representative of the people. Disgusting but true.

All Teapubusicles are rotten scumballs, each and every one, electors and elected alike. F*** the lot of them sideways, with a rusty file and a sandy lubricant.

But not much better are those manifold people  with principles who idly lie around, doing nothing about it but p*** and moan, when their collective votes could right these cataclysmic wrongs in a few short election cycles.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

The march was impressive by any objective measure: people across the world held similar events, but none approached the size or intensity of the NYC protest. The media kinda-sorta reported on it in a desultory manner (if at all), as usually happens when Lefties do something significant (but let one Teabagger hold up a misspelled sign and it’s “breaking news” for days). So the questions of “what good did it do?” and “what next?” are very important today.

Sadly, because of the Infotainment industry’s biases and the general lack of mainstream political support for the climate change movement, the march itself may or may not have much of an impact at all. If it didn’t make a big impression on the nation, it won’t result in pressure on the politicos. And pressure on politicos was the point of the exercise.

This makes “what next?” an even bigger and better question. And the answer is plain and simple: VOTE. Vote at every election, on every race, every issue, every time.

Voting can make changes that the biggest marches cannot, the more so since politicians assume that you won’t do it. They ignore the electorate and focus on the big-money types who bribe our “public servants”: those bribing bastards ALWAYS participate in politics, because they know it is important.

If those 400,000 marchers would all show up at the polls, the outcome of any number of races in the 2014 election would be changed for the better. Deniers would lose and reality-based candidates would win. Legislation would be written to change the way we pollute.

Marches and civil disobedience are powerful tools to help effect change. But unless we take that same spirit and work ethic to the polls as well, nothing will change. Only when politicos are afraid of being voted out of office will they respond to the will of the people.

March. Then vote. But if you can only do one of the two, vote.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

The Democratic candidate won the Virginia Attorney General’s contest last fall by 163 votes, out of 2.2 million ballots cast. That means if a couple hundred Dems had stayed home, or a couple hundred more Repubs hadn’t, the “Republican” candidate would have won. Such a teeny tiny number of people deciding to vote made all the difference.

And because of those few extra Dems, gay marriage will soon be legal in Virginia. (Marriage Equality is a better term, so we will roll with it henceforth.) That is because new AG Mark Herring will fight to get rid of Virginia’s anti-equality law. You read that right: the new AG says the state’s marriage law is unconstitutional.

So tell us again that your vote doesn’t matter, please, do tell. Whether you are a Big Government Repub who wants the the State to monitor your bedroom activities, or a Small Government Dem who thinks that you have a right to privacy, your vote counts. Your individual vote counts. Your choices matter, especially when you choose to vote or not vote.

And because a very small number of freedom-loving people chose to get out and vote last November, Virginia will soon have more freedom for its dwellers than it does today. Marriage Equality is on the way in that state. You need no more proof, Gentle Reader: your vote matters.

So get the f*** out there and vote in the next election, so you can have the government you want. The freedom you save will very likely be your own.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

If someone asked for your money and promised to mow your lawn, you’d probably expect them to cut the grass. And if he or she took your money and did something else with it, you’d probably be disinclined to keep paying them, in spite of their promises to do so next time.  “No”, you’d say, “first cut the d***ed grass, then I’ll pay you”. The talk of the promise needs to match up to the walk of the actions for a business deal to be successful. Common sense, one might say, and Mr. Blunt and Cranky agrees. He also wonders why so many voters do not apply the same attitude to their political parties and alleged “representatives”.

Both parties and their peeps say things and do things, and the things that are done mean a whole lot more than those that are spoken: true today and in true the past. That is why a biblical reference titles this post (Matthew 7:16, for those who aren’t hip to the scrip) – what you talk and what you walk are valued differently, back in the Y-Zero-K days and today. And what one DOES means a lot more than what one says.

On the Republican side, the clearly-and-frequently-stated agenda of “Beat Obama” matches their actions to a T. The voting records, judicial decisions, executive decisions, from local to federal levels, all pretty much align with that “number one priority” of “making Barack Obama a one-term President”.  The economy, jobs, budget discipline, keeping the government running, supporting our troops, all have been put on the back burner as the Repubs have opened can after can of Whoop-Ass on the Prexy. Sure, there have been some deviations from message discipline, lots of red herrings and smoke and mirrors deployed; but in general, the Republicans said they’d put party over country, and then proceeded to do so. One must credit them with an admirable alignment between word and deed, at least.

The Dems, by contrast, haven’t so much shown deviation between words and deeds as they have shown a complete and utter lack of consistency among themselves as a party. The words and deeds of individual Dems are frequently in alignment, but as a party, they are less predictable than a scrap of used Kleenex in a windstorm.  For an Independent, that is laudable, but for a group that claims to be a political party, it is really pretty pathetic. So, looking at the impact on the average schmuck, is there a difference between these two crowds of poltroons?

Sure there is. Because the average schmuck doesn’t really give a monkey’s arse about the name or party affiliation of the person at 1600 PA Avenue. He or she cares more about water flowing through the pipes, fire trucks showing up at need, not being car-bombed, and all the other jobs that the government does actually being done. So which party is on the side of doing stuff that matters to we schmucks?

To the extent that either one is, the fumbling, bumbling Dems have spent a lot more time working on bills that would actually return value to the taxpayers.  The Repubs, on the other hand, have spent their time showing that they prefer spending our tax dollars de-jobbing a skinny, big-eared black President  than doing their rightful job  taking care of their constituents.

And the reason they are free to act in such a manner is the complete and utter cluelessness of much of the American electorate. If our hypothetical landscaper took our grass-cutting budget and spent it on something completely irrelevant to the intended purpose, we’d fire his ass. But when politicos take our tax money and spend it to bolster their own partisan agenda, we act like we’re smoking a different sort of “grass”, and keep handing over our money (and our votes).

By our actions, they likewise shall know us. And frankly, judging American voters by our actions in the voting booth, lots of us look pretty stupid, indeed.

Mr. B & C