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The much-maligned Ambassador Rice had it right the first time. While Repubs like Grand Theft Issa howled about “cover-ups” and “obvious terrorist attacks”, and bashed the testimony of real experts, they were ignoring the facts on the ground. And it is truly sick that our government never published the truth – it took a newspaper to tell us what really happened.

Almost as bad is that our “representatives” are still refusing to believe the facts, clinging instead to their partisan witch-hunts and idiotic conspiracy theories. Because it is evidently more important that they be seen as right than it is for our nation to be protected. Yes, “Republicans” still care only about their images and agendas, not about being honest with the American people.

Just like the Reagan-financed mujaheddin turned into anti-American terrorists, so too have some of the militias we armed more recently in Libya. And those Libyans, like the Afghans before them, turned against us after perceived slights against Islam. In this case, an American-made anti-Islam video that caused a riot in Egypt shortly before the Benghazi attacks was used by radical imams to whip these militiamen into a frenzy, after which they slaughtered a load of innocents in and near an American diplomatic post.

None of this absolves the Department of State for f***ing up the security arrangements at Bengahzi. Nor does it absolve the Congress for cutting funding for said Benghazi security. Indeed, the NYT report doesn’t absolve anybody, because everybody f***ed up: the Administration, the Congress, the “news” media, and the citizens of both countries.

Many of the lessons of Benghazi are still to be written. But here are a few, for starters:
Number A: Congresscritters with criminal pasts (like Darrell Issa) should NOT be considered credible sources of information;
Letter 2: Complicated situations rarely have simple, quick or easy explanations;
Thirdly: Our Infotainment media is almost useless: it took months upon months for a single source to finally publish a well-researched bit of actual journalism that gave the lie to almost all of the other “coverage” that had been crammed into our ears since the event. But then, when they all got punked by a comedian’s fake Twerking video, are we really suprised?

Here’s this writer’s main takeaway from Benghazi: don’t trust anyone with a political agenda, or any “news” source that just repeats politicians’ talking points; and don’t rush to judgment when the facts aren’t known yet. You know, things that we all used to know, and things we all used to do. Let’s remember Benghazi and honor those killed there by thinking for ourselves and demanding real facts, instead of just mindlessly believing the crap we get from glory-hound politicos and faux “news” sources.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

You may have heard about UPS and FedEx f***ing up during the Christmas rush. You may not have heard that the Postal Service did better than either of their competitors. You probably did not hear that they covered for UPS and FedEx, delivering thousands upon thousands of packages that the much-ballyhooed “overnight” delivery companies couldn’t handle. And the USPS accomplished this feat in spite of being put at a massive competitive disadvantage by Congress, back in 2006.

That disadvantage?They imposed a regulation so burdensome as to to destroy the agency: a 5.5-billion-dollar-a-year pension pre-payment requirement on the USPS that NONE of their competitors have to pay. Hell, no other agency or company in the USA has to pay it. And the Congress imposed this ridiculous tax upon the USPS after being bribed to do so by the likes of UPS. Bribed? Yes, bribed. Calling them “campaign contributions” is a nice fiction, but we are calling spades by their rightful names here.

For example: co-sponsor Susan Collins got $22,160.00 from UPS, just in 2006. Joe Lieberman is an even cheaper lay: $5,000.00 from FedEx in 2006. And then they passed the post-office-killing bill by a “voice vote”, which allows legislators to avoid going on the official record. Not just whores, but cowardly whores.

Of course, the House is on the take, too: let’s look at just one of the sponsors:

From 2001 through 2010 Shuster received $29,500 from Fed-Ex, $6,000 from Koch Industries PAC, and $36,500 from UPS. In the 2011-2012 election cycle, according to, Fed-Ex has given Shuster $7,500. UPS has given $ 5,000.

All of these mutts want to privatize the postal service. And who would take over after privatization? Why, shucky darn, what a coinkeedink, it would be UPS and FedEx. We would pay more and get less, as our elected “representatives” laugh all the way to their Swiss bank accounts.

Realize this: UPS and FedEx suck so hard, they have to use the Postal Service to deliver a huge number of items every day. They pay a pittance for this service, and pocket the profits. And act like they deserve credit for the deliveries. Bull-f***ing-s***. The Post Office deserves credit for bailing out their incompetent and inefficient private competitors.

Bitching about the USPS is a time-honored tradition, and this writer does his share. But the private-sector alternatives cost more and stink worse. And the foulest stench of all comes from Capitol Hill, where those greedy motherf***ers are lining their pockets and trying to screw us even worse than we already have been.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Thanks to Cranky Readers for pointing out a typo: it’s 5.5 billion, not 55. B&C

Rep. Jim McDermott pointed this out in a recent Congressional IRS-bashing hearing. As he says, “None of your organizations were kept from organizing or silenced. We are talking about whether or not the American taxpayers would subsidize your work. We are talking about a tax break.

Wow. That puts the whole IRS/Tea Party scandal in a whole new perspective.

These anti-government activists were looking for government financing of their activities.

These anti-tax organizations were asking for tax money (that is what a tax break does).

These groups who hate government re-distribution of wealth were asking the government to re-distribute wealth to themselves.

Look in your dictionary under “hypocrite” and you’ll see a picture of the Tea Party if there is any justice in this universe.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

The “distinguished gentleman” known as Gohmert got busted for making s*** up and yelling said fertilizer at AG Holder yesterday. As you can see HERE, he did not take kindly to having his lies called out.

In fact, he was so angry, he accused the General of, quote, casting “aspersions on my asparagus”, close quote.

And they wonder why we mock them.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky