Most days of the week, your humble correspondent crankily arises and goes off to earn his keep. He goes to The Place At Which He Shall Be Paid If He Does What He Has Agreed To Do, and does what he has agreed to do. After having done so, he gets paid. Pretty normal, you’ll agree. Very few of get paid for doing nothing all day (Randy Bachman’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics notwithstanding); in fact, we often mock those who think they should get paid for doing nothing.

For well over thirty years, though, our government has paid people in the hopes that they might do something someday: the current name for these peeps is “Job Creators”. The Supply-Side idea says that if we give them a break on taxes, they will create jobs and all of us will benefit. A fair notion, and one that seems reasonable, at first glance anyway.

However, no one actually required that the payees ever provide proof to the payor that they had done what they had paid to do. Nor do the current proposals to increase the amount that we pay to these folks (in additional tax cuts and such) require any proof of job creation in order to get the green and folding. In short, these people are being paid whether they deliver the goods or not. Put another way, some of the recipients may very well be getting paid for doing nothing.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky proposes that Washington do what most local governments already do: require proof that the tax benefits provided to Job Creators led to the actual creation of jobs. And if no jobs were created, take the money back and give it to someone else who WILL do something useful with it.

Mr. B & C