Tomorrow is July the 4th – the day on which America declared its independence from England. A little tiff back in the 1700’s, perhaps you may have heard about it. A lot of blood was shed to become a sovereign nation, and lot of money got lost because patriotic motives prevented the Brits from buying their way past our guns.

Whilst following the news sites today, Mr. B & C  encountered this little item:  (yes, he reads the FT, and the WSJ. A man’s gotta make a living): the gist is that a British sleazeball got caught sleazing and will not appear at a sleazy Limey public event, so as to avoid emphasizing his chosen candidate’s own sleazitude. But that is no huge deal, and is actually pretty common these days. Nearly yawn-worthy, in fact.

Except, the real shocker is that Mitt Romney is raising money from these foreign nationals and foreign companies for his American election campaign fund. Even more shocking: it ain’t the first time. Even more shockinger: he ain’t the only one to do so.

At what point did it become legal to have American politicos being bought off by the Brits? Bad enough that they get “legal bribes” from our own countrymen.

Especially on the day before our Independence Day, it really rankles to have Brits buying American. Or at least, buying these particular Americans.

Mr. Blunt, Shocked, Ticked-Off and Even Crankier